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BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection

BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper ProtectionAn invisible barrier that protects your bumper for years!

BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection is a pre-cut, totally clear bumper protection film with the easiest application ever. BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection protects your bumper from the most common assaults; nicks caused by runaway shopping carts, dings from a careless parallel parker, scuffs, scratches, and more! The peel-and-stick application takes less than 5 minutes, and virtually anyone can do it – you don’t need to be a professional body shop employee! Bumpers take the brunt of most damages done to cars; make sure it’s protected with BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection.

So often we come out of a store and see a shopping cart a little too close to our car. This causes the ever-common “inspection”, which involves you walking around the car with a magnifying glass to see if you were hit. If you’re lucky, the cart stopped at just the right moment, but more often than not, there’s going to be a mark (regardless of how microscopic). As much as we’d like to put our cars in protective bubbles, it just won’t happen. Well now the next best thing in protection is available: BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Peel & Stick Bumper Protection Film.
The BumperSkinz DIY kit includes all of the supplies you'll need to get your bumper protected.

Bumpers are the most commonly hit areas on your vehicle; I mean, they’re called bumpers for a reason, right? They stick out further, are generally made from plastic and soft aluminum, and are meant to be hit. This protects both the passengers and delicate interior mechanical parts if a collision were to occur.

But, this also means that you’re most likely to find paint chips, dings, dents, and scuffs on your bumper. BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Peel & Stick Bumper Protect Film has been manufactured to protect your protection. The clear film is applied to the flat or almost flat areas of your bumper and puts a barrier between your paint and its assailant. Bird droppings, tree sap, tar, mineral deposits, acids, and even exhaust discharge won’t be able to stick to your paint.

BumperSkinz is applied with a peel-and-stick process and requires no heat, unique tools, or hazardous chemicals. Even first time users can apply BumperSkinz in about 5 minutes, with no air bubbles. Once it’s applied, you can forget all about it! BumperSkinz will hold up to harsh UV rays, snow, extreme rain, and countless car washes.

BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection will save you hundreds of dollars in touch-up paint for scratches and small dings; all of this money saving protection in just 5 minutes!
To ensure the bumper is completely free of all contaminants, it's recommended you use a clay bar on the surface being treated.
Clay bars will remove contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. You want a completely clean surface
before the Bumperskinz is applied.
After you've measured the bumper to ensure you have the correct fit, you can prime the surface with the included Applicator Fluid.
You'll also want to prime the clear film itself as you're unrolling it from the package. Spray directly onto surface with adhesive. This will help the film adhere to the surface.
Once the film and bumper have been fully saturated with Application Fluid, carefully apply film to bumper in desired area.
When the film is in place, use the felt-tipped squeegee to remove any air bubbles and to firmly set the film. After squeegeeing, dry the area using a clean microfiber towel.

After the final wipedown, the Bumperskinz is fully applied and totally invisible. Your bumper is now be protected from dings, scratches, and assaults from everyday life!

Application of BumperSkinz Crystal Clear Bumper Protection is easy:
  1. Clean your bumper of all road debris, bug droppings, and anything else that may be sticking to the surface.
  2. Thoroughly dry bumper and surface where BumperSkinz is being applied.
  3. To ensure the bumper is clean of all debris, it is recommended that you clay the surface. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Bar with the BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant will remove all left over paint contaminants.
  4. Measure your bumper and ensure the correct amount of BumperSkinz is selected for application.
  5. Peel the backing paper away from the clear coating, and prep the film with the included application fluid.
  6. Once film is saturated, place film against the surface of your bumper.
  7. Use the enclosed felt-tipped squeegee and run along the length of the applied film. This removes any air bubbles.
  8. Use a clean, soft microfiber towel to wipe the bumper dry.
Once those steps are complete, your bumper will be protected for up to 10 years – guaranteed!

BumperSkinz Kit includes:
  • 1 clear film strip – 5.5” x 50” long.
  • Felt-tipped squeegee
  • 2 oz. Applicaton Fluid