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4 Pack Buff & Shine 7.5 inch Center Ring Foam Pads

The best RV buffing pads!

Since 1987, Buff and Shine has been developing high-quality buffing pads for the automotive appearance industries. Humble beginnings rooted in quality assurance and constant testing of products have led Buff and Shine to become a leading manufacturer of buffing and polishing pads along with their corresponding backing pates. The Buff and Shine line also includes car wax applicator pads and other car detailing accessories.

Finding a simple to use self centering system has been the subject of many ideas and innovations in the reconditioning industry. The results have been scattered, until now. The benefits of finding a solution are clear: instant centering achieves vibration free buffing with less fatigue and a better result.

Our patent pending "Ring Pad" system does all this and more. Along with the centering benefit we have shaped the front of the pad with a hex design and engineered a flexible backing plate that will accept air, rotary and random orbit buffers; the hex face will help dissipate polish or compounds evenly, minimizing grabbing and reducing heat while the backing plate helps reduce pad stiffness. Each of our colored foam buffs has a measured cell structure that provides a different level of cutting or finishing. Used in conjunction with your favorite buffing medium, this is the ultimate buffing solution.

McKee RV compounds and polishes are color coded to Buff and Shine foam pads
McKee's RV compounds, polishes and waxes feature a color coded flip cap that clearly tells you which pad to use with which chemical!

4 Pack Buff & Shine 7.5 inch Center Ring Foam Pads

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4 Pack Buff & Shine 7.5 inch Center Ring Foam Pads