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4-Bank International Charger - USA/ Western Hemisphere

4-Bank International Charger - USA/ Western Hemisphere

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Four independent charging stations for four times the fun!

How can you choose between your motorcycle, your ATV, and your personal watercraft? If you have multiple recreational vehicles, but only one battery tender, you can’t keep all of them charged until you’re ready to use them again. Unless you have the 4-Bank Tender Charging Station from Battery Tender. This compact charger lets you maintain up to four batteries at once, so all your vehicles will be ready to go when you are.

The 4-Bank Battery Tender has four independent 1.25 amp charging stations designed to fully charge and maintain batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects that can be caused by trickle chargers. This charger has a true DC output at a maximum power level of approximately 18 watts per channel. Its microprocessor delivers constant current charging so your batteries are always ready to go.

The 4-Bank Battery Tender is perfect for all AGM (absorbed glass matte), sealed maintenance-free, and flooded batteries. It is reverse polarity protected and spark proof for your protection. The unit weighs only 3 pounds and can be stored or transported easily.

Charge and maintain all 12 V batteries, like those found in some cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, and personal watercrafts. Remember, your batteries can die even if you’re not using them. Keep up to four batteries charged at all times with the 4-Bank Battery Tender Charging Station.

  • 4 independent charging stations.
  • 12 volts @ 1.25 amps per station.
  • Extremely lightweight! Less than 3 lbs!
  • Operates anywhere in the world! 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
  • Optional 25 ft leads available.
  • Microprocessor controlled constant current charging!
  • Reverse Polarity Protected.
  • Spark Proof.
  • Perfect for all AGM (absorbed glass matte), sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries
  • Will comply to all International safety standards (UL/CSA/CE).
  • 2 year warranty!
  • 4-Bank International Charger - USA/ Western Hemisphere