> Britemax Grime Out Degreaser 128 oz.

Britemax Grime Out Degreaser 128 oz.

Britemax Grime Out Degreaser 128 oz.Get the grime out with Britemax!

Britemax Grime Out Degreaser is a safe and effective degreaser for use in and around your vehicle. The concentrated formula can be diluted for use just about anywhere—including the interior! Britemax Grime Out Degreaser is fast-acting, dissolving tough grease and grime with each application.

When greasy, grimy messes crop up in and around your vehicle (as they tend to do!), you need a powerful cleaner that won’t damage the surface being cleaned. While an all-purpose cleaner may seem like a good idea, it may not be equipped to handle the tougher, greasier messes. Britemax Grime Out Degreaser has all the grease-cutting power you need to get the job done right!

Britemax Grime Out Degreaser cuts through brake dust, engine grease, salt spray, road tar, bug guts, and other grimy messes with ease. The non-acid formula does not contain any heavy solvents, so it’s perfect for use just about anywhere. Use it at full strength as a degreaser, diluted with 50% water for wheel cleaning and wax stripping, or with a 60%-80% water mix for the interior—even carpet and upholstery! It’s safe for use on wheels, tire, interior surfaces, and metals. For intense cleaning, trust Britemax Grime Out Degreaser.

Always test on an inconspicuous area when using a new product.

Do not use on bare, uncoated aluminum unless usage is followed immediately with polish.

128 oz.