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Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish

Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet PolishTreat your metal and billet finishing with the best!

Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish is an unmatched, easy to use concentrated cream that will clean, polish, deoxidize, and protect your aluminum and billet surfaces. From steering wheels to forged aluminum accessories, Body Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish was made for them all. In fact, it’s the same product used on every billet and forged aluminum accessory ever manufactured at Boyd Coddington Garage. If the most well-known hot rod manufacturer uses Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish, you should too!

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all billet and aluminum cleaner, polish, and protectant, look no farther – Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish was made for you! This concentrated formula will make quick work of deoxidizing aluminum wheels, removing discoloration from billet steering wheels, and protecting all billet surfaces on your vehicle.

What surfaces can benefit from the Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish? Actually, the easier question may be what surfaces CAN’T benefit from Boyd Coddington Aluminator Billet Polish. Use on all aluminum including billet aluminum, cast aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, even platinum and pewter! Boyd Coddington will restore the original finish while removing bluing, waterspots, light rusting, and oxidation.

No matter what type of billet or aluminum of you have, Boyd Codding Aluminator Billet Polish is your go to product to clean, protect, and shine!

4 oz.


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