Boat & RV Detailing Supplies

Welcome to the Captain's Quarters!

Whether you have a dingy or a luxury yacht, you still have the enviable pleasure of getting out on the water. For that reason, AutoGeek's headquarters are stationed in sunny South Florida. Many of Autogeek's staff members are avid boaters and/or fisherman. When not in the office, you'll probably find us somewhere on the Atlantic! Every boat owner we know likes to keep their boat as good-looking and maintained as they do their car. Maintenance on a boat is an ongoing task as your boat is constantly exposed to the elements. The sun, water, and wind continually affect the many surfaces of your boat. Keeping up its appearance requires some special supplies, products and tools. Some of these professional products do double duty, from boat to car, some are made specifically for the canvas, vinyl, plexiglass, gelcoat, fiberglass, and wooden surfaces of your boat. All these surfaces can be treated to withstand the elements and keep a new appearance through the years. It's not difficult and can easily be incorporated into the time spent on your vessel, kind of an ongoing project, nothing overwhelming, just smart maintenance. A labor of love. Of course, if you are looking to revive a neglected vessel, a few hours of well spent time can change her from a hag to a princess. Quality products make a difference. Happy Sailing!