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Boat Master Leather Care Kit

Now the leather in your boat will look and feel as soft and supple as the leather in your home!

The Boat Master Leather Care Kit includes everything you need to deep clean and condition the leather surfaces inside your boat. Developed by Dr. Tork, the products included in the Boat Master Leather Care Kit will keep your boat’s leather surfaces looking and feeling new for years to come. Proper maintenance is key to retaining the soft, supple nature that leather is known for.

Leather, when properly cared for, is one of the softest natural materials available. Leather is used in high-end furniture, automobiles and boats because when cared for properly, it provides a look and feel that is unmatched by any other man-made material. Keep your leather surfaces inside your boat looking and feeling new with the Boat Master Leather Care Kit.

The kit contains:

500 ml Leather Strong Cleaner
Leather Strong Cleaner is a mild, water based cleaner that can be used on a most aniline and pigmeted leathers. It contains a highly effective detergent for stubborn dirt and the sort of colour stains left by denim for example. The product penetrates into the surface to clean without harming your leather. Its action is very intensive thanks to the great concentration of active substances. Do not use the product on nubuck or suede.

500 ml Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream is a water based protector for all leather types, except nubuck and suede leather. It provides excellent protection against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as helping to resist the effects of every day soiling. At the same time it keeps your leather nice and soft. Leather Protection Cream will also work to remove small surface scratches on Aniline leathers. It will also prevent your Pigmented leather from cracking, when proper cleaning is undertaken.

25 ml Ink Away
Ink Away works well for removing ink, lipstick, and pen marks. It is designed for removal of recent (3 - 5 days) ink on leather. Ink Away works best when used on leather that has been protected with Leather Protection Cream. Do not use on Nubuck and Suede.

1 Sponge
Use this sponge to wipe on Leather Protection Cream.

2 Cloths
Use one cloth for cleaning with Leather Strong Cleaner. Use the second cloth to wipe away excess Leather Strong Cleaner.

Not suitable for nubuck or suede.

500 ml. Leather Strong Cleaner
500 ml. Leather Protection Cream
25 ml. Ink away
1 Sponge
2 Cloths

Made in Italy

Boat Master Leather Care Kit

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Boat Master Leather Care Kit