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BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax Kit

BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax Kit

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Turn heads with this convenient paste wax kit!

The BLACKFIRE shine is unlike anything else available. When the BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax Kit is used, your vehicle will have a rich shine that radiates with energy. This kit conveniently includes everything you need to give your vehicle a hard, carnauba shine with incredible depth and slickness. Use BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax on its own or as a topper over BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Protection (sold separately).

BLACKFIRE formulas are the result of over 20 years of research with state-of-the-art polymers from Germany, Sweden and the United States. BLACKFIRE waxes and sealants wipe on and buff off easily without streaks or hazy patches and with a shine that can last for six months or more. All BLACKFIRE products are surface-friendly and VOC compliant in all 50 states. These water-based formulas clean, condition, polish and protect without the strong solvents found in most car care products.

The BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax Kit includes:

7 oz. BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax
Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Paste WaxMidnight Sun is the latest wax from BLACKFIRE that delivers a deeper and wetter finish than any other product from BLACKFIRE. BLACKFIRE has created this unique blend of pure Brazilian Ivory Carnauba Wax with gloss enhancing oils. The addition of more carnauba gives this wax a harder appearance and feel. You will find that this creates a "hard candy" effect, which will really magnify your paintwork and make it look super-glossy. The harder formula also offers stronger protection against abrasions and temperature changes. Use the BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Carnauba Paste Wax and see just how great your vehicle can really look! BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax wipes on easily and buffs off "wet" (before the wax hazes). It is also extremely resistant to high humidity. Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax is a pure wax without any cleaning properties.

2 Microfiber Detailing Towels, 16 x 16 inches
Use these microfiber detailing towels for drying, buffing, or as a finishing wipe down. Microfiber is designed to be light, strong, super-absorbent, and quick drying. The fibers are non-abrasive, and are woven so tightly that they are absolutely lint free and extremely durable. What’s more is that these ultra-tough fibers are engineered to absorb seven times their weight in moisture. These multi-functional towels can be used for cleaning, polishing, buffing, and dusting. Soft microfiber is safe on every surface! Magnetic charge attracts dust. Our All Purpose Microfiber Towels are thick, soft, and absorbent. They're perfectly sized for all detailing jobs at 16 x 16 inches.

1 Gold CCS Euro Applicator
The CCS Euro Foam Polish Applicator is matched with the BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax just as you'd match appropriate pads with product when applying the products with a polisher. Now you too can get better results by hand because the applicator is enhancing the performance of the product. Work smarter with CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators! These imported foam applicators utilize CCS Technology™, just like machine buffing pads. CCS pockets cover one side of each applicator. The pockets create spaces for excess polish to accumulate – without soaking into the foam – until it is needed on the work surface. Then the polish is drawn up through the center dimples of each CCS pocket and onto the applicator’s work surface. This design saves product because the CCS pockets significantly reduce product absorption.
Every BLACKFIRE product is hand made in very limited production runs. Our products are passionately made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. If you're passionate about your car, we invite you to experience the BLACKFIRE difference.

Each kit contains:
7 oz. BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax
2 Microfiber Towels
1 Gold CCS Euro Applicator

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BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Paste Wax Kit