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Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System

Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning SystemThree simple steps to clean, clear plastic!

We’ve got good news for motorcycle owners! Your cloudy, scratched headlights, windscreens, and visors can be clear again. All you need is the Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System and an electric drill to restore optical clarity in a matter of minutes.

The Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System contains 3 products that are the absolute best in the industry at removing cloudiness and scratches from clear plastic. Step 1 cleans the plastic and removes scratches. Step 2 restores clarity and smoothness, and step 3 protects the surface from future damage. This comprehensive system takes your clear plastic surfaces from hazy and damaged to smooth and clear in just minutes. Take years off your motorcycle with the Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning Kit!

The kit contains the following:

4 oz. Plastik Lens Cleaner
    Wolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaner is an aggressive polish that removes scratches and haze from clear plastic. Abrasives smooth rough spots and even out the edges of scratches to restore the uniform appearance of the plastic. By cleaning out dirt and debris and removing the outermost layer of damaged plastic, Wolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaner restores the clarity of the plastic to like-new condition.

    Note: Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner is intended for headlight lens covers only. The abrasives will scratch soft plastic, such as visors and windscreens.
4 oz. Plastik Lens Glaze
    After polishing your lens covers with Plastik Lens Cleaner, use Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze to refine the surface. The glaze has mild cleaning properties to make the surface smooth and slick again.

    Use this product first on cloudy windscreens and visors. It restores clarity without abrasives.
8 oz. Plastik Surface Sealant
    Wolfgang™ Plastik Surface Sealant forms a clear barrier over plastic surfaces to shield them from contamination and UV rays. The sealant is formulated to seal clear plastic without streaking or yellowing. By blocking out UV rays, this sealant prevents the clouding and yellowing that results from prolonged UV exposure.
1 Orange Low Profile 4” Pad
    This light cutting pad will remove scratches, clouding, and yellowing from clear plastic. Use the orange pad with the Plastik Lens Cleaner to correct the lens surface. Hook & loop backing secures the pad to the included backing plate while you polish. The slim profile allows you to concentrate more pressure on problem areas.
1 Black Low Profile 4” Pad
    Use the black pad with the Plastik Lens Glaze to refine the lens surface after polishing, or to apply the glaze to the windscreen and visor. The black pad has no cut and will allow the glaze to gently clean and smooth the plastic surface without abrading it. This pad also features hook & loop backing.
1 2 ¾” backing plate
    Attach this backing plate to your electric or cordless drill using the included drill adapter. The backing plate features hook & loop backing to securely hold the pads in place while you polish.
1 drill adapter
    This adapter fits both your drill and your rotary polisher. The threaded end screws into the included backing plate while the non-threaded end fits into your drill or polisher. Tighten the adapter into the backing plate with a wrench.
1 Microfiber Towel
    Use the microfiber towel to buff away residue left by the Plastik Lens Cleaner or the Plastik Lens Glaze. It will reveal a smooth, clear shine!
Complete Instructions
    Instructions for automotive use are packaged inside each kit. The same instructions apply to your motorcycle headlight. If using on a windscreen or visor, simply skip the first step and go straight to the glaze.

The Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning Kit is the quick, 3-step solution to restore optical clarity to your motorcycle’s headlight lens, windscreen and visor. You supply the drill and Wolfgang will supply the means to restore your motorcycle’s clear plastic to perfect clarity!

Kit contains:
8 oz. Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant
4 oz. Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner
4 oz. Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze
1 microfiber towel
1 orange Low Profile 4” pad
1 black Low Profile 4” pad
1 backing plate
1 drill adapter

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Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System
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