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Pinnacle Clay Lubricant

Pinnacle Clay LubricantClay your chrome!

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant is specially formulated to work with Pinnacle Ultra PolyClay to render your motorcycle’s metal and painted surface completely clean and silky smooth. The lubricant prevents loose dirt from scratching metal or paint as the clay works it magic. Take cleaning to the next step with clay!

Detailing clay works by pulling contaminants out of chrome or painted surfaces as it glides over the surface. Without the appropriate lubricant, clay will stick to the surface and it will not be able to work properly. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant is designed to provide a super-slick surface for the clay to glide across. While enabling the clay to work, the lubricant also serves as a liquid barrier between the paint or metal and the gritty particles stuck within the clay. Clay is the safest way to clean when used with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant.

Clay was developed for use on clear-coated cars but it easily translates to motorcycle use. As you ride your bike, airborne contaminants become lodged in the paint and chrome. These contaminants include brake dust, rail dust, and industrial fallout. The holes created by these particles lead to oxidation. Clay grabs and removes these tiny particles to leave the surface feeling slick and truly clean. Used twice a year with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant, clay will keep your motorcycle looking crisp and clean.

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant can be used with any type of clay, natural or synthetic. It contains no cleaners or wax and it will not stain metal.

Note: Do not allow Clay Lubricant or any product to dry on metal surfaces.

  1. Wash and completely dry your motorcycle before using clay.
  2. Spray a small area with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Immediately begin rubbing the clay back and forth across the wet area only. Use Pinnacle Ultra PolyClay for best results.
  3. The clay will grab at first. Continue rubbing lightly back and forth until the clay glides smoothly.
  4. Wipe away excess lubricant immediately with a clean, soft microfiber towel.
  5. As you clay, keep an eye on the condition of the clay. If it becomes visibly dirty, reshape it so you are always using a clean portion. Keep the surface well-lubricated.
  6. If you are using clay on metal, you always want to clay before polishing. If you polish first, you run the risk of rubbing grit into the metal and scratching the finish.

16 oz.

Also available in 64 oz. and 128 oz. (gallon).
Pinnacle Clay Lubricant
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