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Pinnacle Leather Conditioner

Pinnacle Leather Conditioner
PH- balanced to protect fine leather!

There’s more to a motorcycle than metal. Leather is the one material found on a motorcycle that is organic, natural. It has the contradictory traits of being soft yet tough. To maintain it, you need Pinnacle Leather Conditioner.

This is quite possibly the world’s most lavish leather conditioner. Pinnacle Leather Conditioner nourishes leather with a rich formula of lanolin and natural oils. These oils quickly absorb into the hide leaving a non-greasy, satin finish that actually repels dirt and moisture. Used regularly, Leather Conditioner will keep leather saddles and accessories soft, lustrous and healthy. A subtle fragrance compliments the leather’s natural aroma.

Unlike many leather conditioners, Pinnacle Leather Conditioner does not leave a sticky film on the surface of the leather. It won’t seep out or stain your clothes, and it won’t make the leather slippery. It penetrates to renew the leather from the inside out. Your leather seat and saddle bags will look and feel like new.

Healthy leather is more resistant to the effects of elements. Supple leather is more resilient, which is essential for motorcycles. Preserve and protect your leather for the long haul with Pinnacle Leather Conditioner.

  1. Clean your leather first with Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. Make sure the leather is dry before conditioning.
  2. Apply Pinnacle Leather Conditioner with a microfiber applicator pad or your bare hands. Massage the lotion into the leather and allow it to absorb for several seconds.
  3. Buff the leather with a clean microfiber towel. The leather will have a nice satin glow.
  4. Once the leather is completely dry, apply 303 Aerospace Protectant to protect the seat and other leather accessories from the sun.

16 oz.

Also available in 64 oz. and 128 oz. (gallon).
Pinnacle Leather Conditioner
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