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Pinnacle Signature Series II

Pinnacle Signature Series IIA new formula with deeper gloss and a new price!

Update! Signature Series Carnauba Paste Wax has been reformulated with the most current surface enhancement technology available in order to meet the detailing industry’s changing demands. Now with a wetter gloss and increased depth of shine, Signature Series II is Pinnacle’s latest addition to its premier family of car care products.

The original Signature Series formula was reformulated to meet stringent VOC guidelines established by the state of California. While researching a comparable alternative, our chemist actually found something better. A new liquid crystal polymer, created within the last year, has been incorporated into our carnauba wax with impressive results. The crystal polymer increases the jetting factor of the carnauba and improves the clarity of the wax. To acknowledge this discovery, the wax has been renamed Pinnacle Signature Series II.

So, what does that mean for your motorcycle? Like S100 Carnauba Paste Wax, Pinnacle Signature Series II creates a dramatic shine on the painted portions of a motorcycle. With its new formula, Signature Series II brings out all the hues and highlights of your bike’s color, even if it’s black. Carnauba’s depth and clarity cast dazzling reflections on a motorcycle’s brightly polished metalwork.

As always, Signature Series II has a buttery texture and inviting aroma that make it a pleasure to apply. It goes on effortlessly and buffs to a crystal clear shine. The wax will not dry to a white chalk and will not stain trim or molding. Apply it any time of day, even in hot, humid conditions. Signature Series II will not streak or cloud. It brings out the best in any paint color.