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Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant

Wolfgang Plastik Surface SealantKeep plastic headlights and windscreens crystal clear!

Clear plastic begins to cloud after just a few short months. Overexposure to UV rays causes the plastic to dry out and oxidize from the outside in. It happens to headlight lenses, windscreens, and convertible top windows. Without protection, you can see the effects of sun damage in as little as two years!

Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant forms a clear barrier over your plastic lenses to shield them from contamination and UV rays. The sealant is formulated to seal clear plastic without streaking or yellowing. This tough polymer formula bonds to the plastic for months of protection.

You can expect 2 to 3 months of excellent plastic protection, depending on driving conditions and frequency. Daily commuters may experience 2 months of protection while vehicles driven less often or shorter distances will experience greater longevity. When water no longer beads on your lens covers, it is time to reapply Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant.

This is a water-based sealant. If you accidentally get Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant on your paint, simply wipe it off.

This is step 3 of the Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System. After using Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner and Plastik Lens Glaze, the sealant locks in your results.

For the best results, use Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant from the start to keep your motorcycle’s clear plastic parts clean and protected.

8 oz.

  1. Apply Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant with a microfiber or poly foam applicator pad.
  2. Allow the sealant to haze over and buff the lens with a soft Cobra microfiber towel.

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