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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant

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Shines like a diamond

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant is a resin-based polymer sealant that creates an extremely glossy, slick surface that protects your vehicle’s paintwork against UV rays, infrared radiation, and environmental contaminants. Designed with the perfectionist in mind, Diamond Paint Sealant imparts the type of gloss and reflection that used to be reserved for high-end carnauba paste waxes, without the annoying dust attraction. Formulated for ease of application, Diamond Paint Sealant goes on thin and buffs off with virtually no effort.

Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant is unlike any synthetic paint sealant currently available. The chemists at Pinnacle managed to create an entirely new polymer that features an advanced resin as the base. This resin base causes the synthetic polymer to cure faster, shine better, and more importantly, last longer! Multiply this by thousands – the amount of cross linking polymer strands in Diamond Paint Sealant – and you have a polymer sealant that creates breathtaking reflections that last up to 12 months!

With Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant, there are no compromises. Not only will Diamond Paint Sealant create crisp, clear reflections on light colors and a fluid, liquid gloss on dark colors, it leaves your paint feeling smooth and slick for extended periods of time. Month after month, wash after wash, your vehicle’s paint will feel like you just applied Diamond Paint Sealant.

Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant is extremely easy to apply
Diamond Paint Sealant goes on extremely thin by hand or machine.
Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant lasts up to a year!
Resin-based formula only takes minutes to haze over. Once it dries to a haze, removal with a Gold Plush Microfiber Towel is effortless.
Your vehicle’s clear coat contains UV inhibitors, which protect it against sun-induced fading and discoloration. These UV inhibitors, while very effective, only have a half life of 5 years. That means 5 years after your vehicle is brand new, nearly all the protection in the clear coat is depleted. By simply applying Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant once a year, you ensure that the UV inhibitors stay put so your paint doesn’t fade, discolor, or oxidize.

Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant protects your paint against more than UV rays. Thanks to the durable, cross-linking bond that Diamond Paint Sealant creates, your paint will be shielded against acid rain, industrial fallout, bird droppings, and more! The immense amount of surface tension created by Diamond Paint Sealant causes water to bead up and roll off, taking dirt and grime with it. Your vehicle will stay cleaner in between regular washes!

Maintain the exceptional shine and long lasting protection of Diamond Paint Sealant with Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo. This hyper-concentrated shampoo features a new generation of TUF SUDS technology that creates mounds of thick, frothy suds. Regularly washing your vehicle with Diamond Coating Shampoo ensures the impressive water beading and slick nature of the sealant remain intact.

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  3. Clay and polish surface if necessary.
  4. Apply by hand or machine using a soft foam applicator pad.
  5. Let product dry to a haze (5-10 minutes) and buff off residue with a Gold Plush Microfiber Towel.
8 oz.
Pinnacle Black Label car care products are used on the world's most prestigious show cars
1966 Stingray detailed with Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo and Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant. The only thing more impressive than the shine is the pavement-wrinkling torque created by the big block!

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Best sealant
This is my favorite. I’ve tried all the great ones and do love them all, but this is a notch better on almost every level. Very little is needed wiping on. So easy to wipe off. Glassy yet smooth shine. Excellent beading. I’m currently seeing 5+ months longevity on a car I applied it to in frigid cold in February. I did not have to deal with the pump top because I bought the 32oz jug. I’ve only used less than 3oz total for 6 applications. I still have to try PA Master Sealant next, but as of now this is the best I’ve used.
ConsNone, including price. It?s worth it.
Huntington Beach , Ca
Great sealant
Really easy application and removal. Great shine with super slick feel. It made the metallic in the paint just glisten in the sun.
Omaha, NE
Great product
Product is really easy to use. And I have been using it on paint, chrome, stainless steel, and headlights for many years now.
ConsCost for the small bottle.
Great product
another stunner by black label great easy to use paint sealant amazing shine on my black truck
Mohrsville, PA
Excellent results
My second container purchased of this paint sealant. Excellent product and fabulous results. You can just feel how deep and slick the protection is. My only complaint, this is my second purchase and both bottles the pump does not work, so I have to just manually dispense it on to the applicator.