Speed Master Detailing Tools

What started as a revolutionary wheel cleaning tool is turning into an entire line of must-have detailing tools.

When you need a high-quality detailing tool, Speed Master is the brand to turn to. What started as just a simple wheel cleaning brush has turned into a whole line of tools perfectly engineered automotive detailing. From wheel brushes, to swirl finder lights, to polisher racks, and more, Speed Master Detailing Tools provides high-quality products that will work as hard as you do!

Speed Master Detailing Tools were designed to help make detailing easier. The Speed Master Wheel Brush cleans today's intricate wheel designs better than any other brush on the market. The Speed Master Wheel Brush has a thick, reinforced stem that bends to clean behind spokes and between the wheel and the brake caliper! The bristles are slightly feathered on the ends to gently clean delicate wheel finishes, such as coated or plated wheels, without scratching. We believe this is the ultimate wheel brush. Clean any type of design and any wheel finish with the Speed Master Wheel Brush.

Keep an eye on this growing brand of essentials - there are even better things to come!