Applicators & Brushes

A brush for the tires, a brush for the wheels;
Shine up your spokes of aluminum or steel.
Swipe away water, scrub off the bugs;
Clean up your leather, your dash and your rugs!
Make things easy on yourself and get the right tools! After many years in the auto care industry, here are the finest brushes and applicators I've found. They will make your life easier, make the job go faster, and produce better results than you can accomplish with your own bare hands. For every job there are a variety of applicators, brushes or tools to choose from. Get one that's right for you and your vehicle.

"I have never, I repeat never seen a selection of top quality products as I saw on AutoGeek. Once I discovered the site I spent 3 days just looking before I placed my order. All the top names in car cleaning in one stop. Delivery was fast and when I had a question about a product someone got back to me the next day. I have recommended this site to other enthusiasts." - A. Quint, Erie, PA

  • SONAX Insect Sponge

    SONAX Insect Sponge

    Quickly remove all trace of bug remains! SONAX Insect Sponge removes insect residue from all surfaces on your car. Use SONAX Insect Sponge to quickly remove all traces of bug remains from glass, plastic, and paint. Constructed using a firm sponge encased...

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  • SONAX Application Sponge

    SONAX Application Sponge

    For the flawless application of polishes and waxes! SONAX Application Sponge is an extremely versatile, durable applicator made for applications of everything from polish to tire gels. The thick, white foam reinforces the SONAX Application Sponge,...

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  • SONAX Pet Hair Brush

    SONAX Pet Hair Brush

    Get rid of that pesky pet hair with ease! The SONAX Pet Hair Brush is an expertly developed brush that is designed for the quick and easy removal of all types of pet fur. The SONAX Pet Hair Brush has rubber bristles which attract pet hair like a magnet,...

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  • SONAX Care Pad for Plastic

    SONAX Care Pad for Plastic

    Soft microfiber composition perfect for interior work! SONAX Care Pad for Plastic is a circular, microfiber applicator used for the cleaning and dressing of interior plastics. Manufactured with a pouch that fits easily over 4 fingers, SONAX Care Pad for...

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  • SONAX Dirt Eraser 2 Pack

    SONAX Dirt Eraser 2 Pack

    Scrub away dirt and grime from leather, vinyl, exterior and interior plastics! SONAX Dirt Erasers are ingeniously designed foam scrubbing pads that gently remove stubborn dirt from exterior and interior plastics. These fine-pored, highly condensed,...

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  • SONAX P-Ball

    SONAX P-Ball

    The SONAX P-Ball makes hand polishing easy and pain free! The SONAX P-Ball is designed to make polishing by hand easy and effective! The SONAX P-Ball is perfect for those areas on your paint that are just too small or too niche for a machine to polish...

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