Honda Accord Euro-R Detailed

It has been an arduous attempt to find the right wax that could give that deep warm gloss within the paint itself. From synthetic polymers to acrylic based waxes just wouldn't give me the desired gloss. Most were good in water beading but when it comes to the shine, it's more of a sieving the car with a plastic film. Then I discovered Carnauba, the works, the blend and the optimum gloss that it promises. However there are many brands to choose from and of course the carnauba content. It's not the quantity of the carnauba that matters but it's the blending that plays a vital role. The search on the Internet brought me to the world of Pinnacle products. From swirl removers to Carnauba!
I took the plunge and ordered Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Removers, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray and last but not least Pinnacle Signature Series Carnauba Paste Wax II. After I put all the products to the test, I never looked back!

1) wash
2) clay
3) polish with Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Removers
4) polish with Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish
5) apply sealant
6) apply Pinnacle Signature Series II by hand. Literally spreading the paste wax with the palm of my hands. Easy to work with. Easy ON..Easy OFF!
7) finish it up with Pinnacle Crystal Mist The results, speak for itself.
Andy Wayan