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White Wash and Yellow/White Interior ShMITT Combo

All White ShMITT: This all white ShMITT is made of the soft, absorbent foam on both sides. It is essentially the same as the Yellow/white Wash ShMITT except it is completely made of white foam. Two sides of soft, white foam is ideal for washing around mirrors and door handles, where you may be washing two surfaces simultaneously. Both sides of this ShMITT are equally gentle.

Yellow/White Interior ShMITT: Clean interior surfaces with this slightly coarser yellow foam. The yellow foam can be used to safely clean leather, vinyl, dashboards, and door panels. Since these materials are often textured, the light scrubbing ability of the yellow foam expertly cleans uneven surfaces. The beveled edge allows you to effectively clean the seams and crevices of your vehicle’s interior. The mitt design makes it quick and easy to clean curves, corners, concave spaces, and crevices without dropping your ShMITT.

The white backside of the Interior ShMITT is the same soft, absorbent foam found in the original Wash ShMITT. This smooth, soft foam applies leather conditioners and protectants in a thin, even coat with no mess. Easily follow the curves of interior surfaces with the comfortable ShMITT to apply products all over, even the sides of the seats that were formerly hard to access.

White Wash and Yellow/White Interior ShMITT Combo

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White Wash and Yellow/White Interior ShMITT Combo