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Autogeek's 2 Day Roadshow Detail Class Saturday, June 9th at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Autogeek's 2 Day Roadshow Detail Class <font color=red>Saturday, June 9th at Indianapolis Motor Speedway</font>

Saturday June 9th - Tools & Topics:

Class starts at 7:30am sharp and goes until 5:30pm

Morning Session - FLEX Power Tools

***Multiple-Step or Show Car Detailing***

The morning session covers FLEX power tools including:
  • FLEX XC 3401 VRG aka the BEAST!
  • FLEX XFE 15mm Long Stroke Orbital Polisher aka the FINISHER!
  • FLEX 3” Mini Polisher
  • FLEX PE14 Rotary Polisher
  • FLEX Cordless PE14
  • FLEX Cordless XFE 15
  • SONAX products and Lake Country Pads are featured with FLEX Tools.
  • SONAX CutMax Compound
  • SONAX EX 04-06 Polish
  • SONAX Perfect Finish
  • SONAX CC36 Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Lake Country Foam Cutting
  • Lake Country Foam Polishing
  • Lake Country Foam Finishing
  • Lake Country Foam Jeweling
  • Lake Country Wool Cutting

Afternoon Session - Griot’s BOSS Paint Polishing System

***Multiple-Step or Show Car Detailing***

In the afternoon session you will learn how to use the Griot’s BOSS System including all of the BOSS tools, pads and products.

  • BOSS 21mm Long Throw Orbital Polisher
  • BOSS 15mm Long Throw Orbital Polisher
  • BOSS Fast Correcting Cream
  • BOSS Correcting Cream
  • BOSS Perfecting Cream
  • BOSS Finishing Sealant
  • White Foam FAST Correcting Pad
  • Orange Foam Correcting Pad
  • Yellow Foam Perfecting Pad
  • Black Foam Finishing Pad

Late Afternoon - One-Step Detailing

***Production Detailing also called Daily Driver Detailing***

In this session we go over how to get show car results in one step. Knowing how to correctly use a one-step cleaner/wax or AIO is a valuable skill and knowledge asset as it pertains to detailing and buffing out large items like planes, RVs, boats and trailers. Plus it's the perfect product and technique for taking care of you own daily drivers. One-step detailing saves you time, energy and investment while delivering incredible results - when performed correctly.

NOTE: Students can spend more time with the tool or tools of their choice out of the tools showcased on this day.

Tools: Students Choice
Products: BLACKFIRE One Step
Pads: Lake Country Foam Pads & Griot's Foam Pads
Miscellaneous Topics: Topics on Saturday are different than on Friday
  • Throughout every class there are multiple, multiple other tools, products and techniques shared depending upon the needs of the training cars.
  • Washing cars with Foam Guns.
  • How to chemically decontaminate a car using Iron Removers & Fallout Removers.
  • Mechanical Decontamination using Nanoskin Mitts & Towels.
  • Using Iron Removing Wheel Cleaners.
  • Proper Convertible Top Cleaning.
  • Glass Polishing – how to remove defects on glass like road film and water spots.
  • Taping-off – How to correctly tape-off a car and cover-up sensitive areas.
  • Exterior Black Plastic Restoration.
  • Paint inspection using Paint Thickness Gauge.
  • Paint inspection using a Swirl Finder Light.
  • Paint inspection using the Baggie Test.
  • Wet Wash Engine Detailing.
Bonus: Wetsanding technique by hand and by machine demo.
  • Nikken Finishing Papers
  • Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs
  • 3M Trizact Sanding Discs
End of day
  • Class wraps up. Questions and answers.
  • Certificate Award Ceremony
  • Book Signing