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Poorboy's World SSR 3 Heavy Duty Compound 32 oz.

A professional grade product suitable for the at-home detailer.

If your vehicle looks like its been in a war, it’s time to bring out the big gun. Poorboy’s Super Swirl Remover Heavy Duty Compound, SSR3 for short, is the ultimate paint problem-solver. It removes heavy oxidation, deep swirls, and most scratches from all types of paint finishes and clear coats. Don’t pronounce your paint dead until you’ve tried SSR3.

This compound contains heavy duty abrasives and unique cleaners that exfoliate badly damaged paint to reveal a fresh, clean layer. It’s far too tough for light blemishes. SSR3 is for rough, pitted paint that is on the brink of irreparable. Consider it your vehicle’s last hope. In most cases, SSR3 will restore your paint to a uniform texture and color. An application of SSR1 will refine the paint to a perfectly smooth luster. Once you apply a coat of wax, your paint will look dramatically improved, if not perfect.

All Poorboy’s products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun. They will not dry to a stubborn haze or mar your finish if applied in direct sunlight. Poorboy’s Super Swirl Remover can be applied by hand or with a polisher, by a professional or a novice. It works beautifully on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages. SSR3 contains no silicone or wax, just one of the most effective compounds on the market.

SSR3 can be applied by hand, but it will perform better with a variable speed polisher. Our orange light cutting pad or a yellow cutting pad will give you added muscle on your worst paint damage.

If your paint is covered in battle scars, its time for Poorboy’s Heavy Duty Compound, SSR3. It will eliminate your worst blemishes and restore a beautiful luster to neglected paint finishes.

Poorboy's World SSR 3 Heavy Duty Compound 32 oz.

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Poorboy's World SSR 3 Heavy Duty Compound 32 oz.
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Simply Amazing
June 6, 2011
I recently purchased a 1997 Toyota Camry with 170K miles on the odometer. It has been under the brutal sun of Phoenix Arizona its entire life. The paint was matte on all of the horizontal surfaces. The doors and fenders still had plenty of shine, which only made the hood, roof and deck lid look that much worse. I washed and clayed the entire vehicle. Then I took out my Super Swirl Remover sample kit from Poor Boys. I knew it was going to take the SSR3 to make a dent in the oxidation. OMG! The orange pad on my PC7424 with the SSR3 cut through the damaged surface and literally brought the paint back to life. Everyone who sees it cannot believe it is the same car. I followed up with SSR2, then SSR1. I then topped it with an acrylic sealant. This is the product that converted me from Menerza to Poor Boys! If you have severely damaged paint, give the PB line up a try. You too might never use anything else!