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> 220 Volt Metro Air Force Commander Motorcycle Dryer For Export Only

220 Volt Metro Air Force Commander Motorcycle Dryer For Export Only

220 Volt Metro Air Force Commander Motorcycle Dryer <font color=red>For Export Only</font>220 Volt for international customers.

The Commander Motorcycle Dryer may be compact, but it doesn’t back down to competition. No more water spots or wasting valuable time drying when you can be on the road. No chance of scratching any of your cycle’s surfaces—chrome, anodized or painted. The Commander delivers a hefty dose of low pressure, high volume filtered air to quickly and efficiently dry up all traces of moisture, leaving behind an incomparable sparkle and shine. Wash, blow and go—literally, in under five minutes. Best method of drying your bike, period.

The American-made all steel Commander is a state of the art machine boasting a four-horsepower engine that powers a high-output fan. Water literally vanishes into thin air on contact. Designed by a biker for bikers, it’s a second generation of cycle dryers from Metro; the junior version of the powerful Air Force Blaster. To state it simply, the Commander is smaller, lighter, easier to handle and less expensive, compromising only 3% reduction in air output, but a $70.00 slash in the price compared with the Air Force Blaster. The differences are slight: a single fan instead of double (but a miniscule change in output), a shorter, but sufficient hose (6 ft.), high impact plastic nozzle, six pounds compared to eight… and again, the much lower price. You still receive a one year warrantee, the all-steel construction, a washable charcoal filter, an air streamer and a micro-nozzle attachments for drying in small and hard to reach areas.

I like to use this machine with a good cycle wash to achieve an eye-catching gleam on my bike. It’s much easier to handle than the Air Force Blaster, and the only difference you’ll notice with drying time is if you’re actually going to time it. The shorter hose means it stores away more neatly. All in all, this one’s a winner.

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