Nextzett Car Care Products

Einszett was founded in 1936 by Werner Saur Sr. in Germany. The company began with the goal of making a quality car polish. While the cars have changed dramatically since then, Einszett's commitment to making quality car care products remains the same. Each product has been researched, tested, and manufactured in Germany to meet Einszett's strict quality guidelines. Einszett produces products that create tangible results: glossy paint, clean trim, and bright metalwork. In the beginning of 2015 a fire destroyed the Einszett factory in Germany. Fortunately, no one was injured, but it did stall production and the Saur family was forced to close Einszett's doors. BUT, key team members from Einszett, including the lead chemists, decided to carry on the product line, with a slight name change. Nexzett is the next generation of Einszett products.

The brand name might change, but the products you have come to know and rely on will stay true for the very reasons customers have trusted Einszett for so many years.

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