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Nextzett Rubber Care Stick Gummi Pflege

By popular demand, we now import Nextzett Gummi Pflege straight from Germany!

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” conditions rubber weather seals on car doors, windows and trunks, protects and keeps the rubber elastic, restores color to dried out rubber, protects against extreme temperature and UV rays. Nextzett’s solvent-free, water-based formula is packaged in an easy-to-use shoe polish-type applicator that makes application simple and neat.

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick has become a staple item in the garages of detailers who’ve tried it. It is an incredible rubber protectant that maintains the look, feel, and function of rubber door seals and surfaces from day one. It leaves a natural-looking, protective finish that blocks out the elements and keeps rubber looking like new.

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is a real standout product among rubber protectants because it is water-based and non-silicone. Silicone gives rubber products their shine but it attracts dust and dries out the rubber over time. Nextzett Rubber Care Stick protects the rubber under a safe, water-based formula that does not attract dust and it’s healthy for the rubber.

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” isn’t a dye or darkener. The treated rubber will look conditioned, but there is no artificial color. If your rubber needs restoration, apply Forever Black Bumper and Trim Dye and allow it to dry. Then apply Gummi Pflege to the rubber to maintain the look and feel of the rubber.

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures so you can use it underneath the hood on rubber hoses. It maintains their flexibility and, of course, keeps them looking great.

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is packaged in a sponge-tipped applicator bottle, which makes it extremely easy to apply it to rubber weatherstripping.

If you want to maintain your car’s rubber surfaces or you are looking to recondition weathered surfaces, Nextzett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is a tried and true solution.

3.4 fl. oz. (100 ml)

Made in Germany

Nextzett Rubber Care Stick Gummi Pflege

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Nextzett Rubber Care Stick Gummi Pflege
4 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
Charles Lawrence
Lakeland fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent for door rubber
November 26, 2016
Does an excellent job of maintaining the softness of all my rubber seals!! Doesn't leave a greasy film and doesn't attract dirt
Easy to apply. Lasts a long time
Hard to find

Mr. X
Arlington, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Stuff. Highly Recommend for anyone.
May 21, 2015
Fantastic and simple for restoration of weatherstripping. If your lady needs it, buy this.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Strange name- good results
April 9, 2015
The Gummi Pflege applicator and product was exactly what my rubber seals for the convertible top and doors needed. They look and feel brand new. Now I'll have to learn how to pronounce it to recommend it to friends.
Easy - quick application

Walt Todd
Tampa, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So far so good
March 26, 2015
Delivery was quick
The jury is still out on how long this stuff lasts but initially it makes the rubber look a lot better.
The "shoe polish" type applicator makes putting it on some of the rubber a royal pain.

Grants Pass, Oregon
1 Stars

I must be missing something.
February 2, 2015
The stuff I used to use doesn't seem to be available any more. So after reading the good reviews on this product, I thought I'd give it a try. But I must be missing something because I find that the built-in applicator makes even distribution of the product difficult to impossible on some rubber weather stripping. Applying to a flat surface is fine, but if you want to put an even coating on all sides of the circular rubber strips on the inside of a door or trunk, it will be challenge. Inclement weather has prevented me from giving it another try. If I can't get the hang of the applicator, I'll try to remove it and just put the product on a small cloth - as I've always done. For the cost of the product plus shipping, I was hoping for something a bit better.
Ironically I find that the built-in applicator makes applying the product evenly on all surfaces difficult.

Denver, CO
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works Like Magic!
December 11, 2014
2014 BMW 335i creaked from the doors over every twist and speed bump... read online that this would make it stop... $9 later... SILENCE. No more creaks. Rubber looks like new and the product even smells nice.
Returns rubber to like new Inexpensive Smells nice

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Product, Not my Original Choice
September 15, 2014
This was not my original choice of product for this purpose. What I was actually after was an Aerosol, and somewhere along the delivery chain they wouldn't ship it. The 1Z product seems to work well, and I notice a difference in the weather stripping, etc. on my vehicle, but I will still be looking around to try and find a spray product that will be a bit faster to use over a large area.
Seems to work well to condition rubber pieces.
Seems less effective on hard plastic trim items, and stick application is time consuming on larger areas.

Hong Kong, HKSAR
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Product
August 26, 2014
Easy to use and keep longer!
Easy to use!

Woodstock, Vt
3 Stars

Easy to use
July 4, 2014
Nicely presented and easy to apply, this product is designed to keep rubber seals in top condition and certainly does leave them looking and feeling supple.
Easy to use. No mess. Dries without trace.
Originally recommended for window seal creaks on BMW X1 series, but after 2 applications, it still not proving successful. Unable to recommend for this particular application.

5 Stars

Squeak Stopper
November 25, 2013
Works great on convertibles when the windows squeak against the rubber molding.

5 Stars

nothing else for seals
October 19, 2012
Had an old firebird that regularly collected pools of water on the passenger side rear floor board and rear hatch, until the day I put the windows down, raised the hatch, pulled the t-tops and wiped the seals down and swiped them all with Gummi Pflege. Absolutely amazing, lake Firebird is completely gone 3 years later with no follow up treatments. It also reduced wind noise from the windows of a Silverado extended cab. This is a staple, all my cars get a yearly swipe on the door/window seals

3 Stars

Pretty good
November 16, 2011
Works pretty Well but not near the level of Duragloss 531. The bottle would be great and it would get 4 stars but the foam applicator peels off the bottle which drops it back to 3. Would have made it useless if I hadn't super glued it back on. Buy some DG 531 and a dauber bottle from an arts and crafts store. If you aren't up for all that complexity then buy this and be sure to have some super glue around.

John C
4 Stars

Great 1st Impression
June 29, 2011
Getting ready to sell the wife'w '06 BMW X3 and I'm slowly detailing various items. Tried the dealership for the BMW "gummi" rubber treatment and it's no longer available. After brief web search found this stuff. Had tried 303 Protectant and it wasn't giving me desired results (still works GREAT on tires). Used this product on exposed door and window seals and they look like new! Didd all of the interior seals too and have plenty left; under hood seals are next. My only issue is that the applicator can be difficult to get into corners; actually desreves 4.5 stars.

Mike M - NJ
4 Stars

buy it
May 22, 2010
Buy it I like it, used it on an 08 vettes moldings. seems to be good stuff but i just applied it. Hope it lasts. My car is garaged and covered. Seems to be a great product! Possibly 5 stars with time

4 Stars

Quick, easy, and good
January 18, 2010
I bought this product to use on my roadsters weather stripping. It sat in the sun a decent amount over the past couple of years during the summers and fall. The exterior rubber in a few places was beginning to show signs of ware. After one application I saw the rubber looking much better. After a few more applications, letting each application soak in, it looked great again. I have since used it with positive results on several vehicles, two of which are constantly left in the elements. I use this product a few times a year, with 303 after each wash, to keep my weather seals looking fresh.

4 Stars

Trunk pops now
March 13, 2008
I used it on the weather stripping in the trunk lid of my car and now when I hit the electric release the trunk opens like it did when new.