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All Wolf's Chemicals Detailing Products

All Wolf's Chemicals Detailing ProductsWolf’s Chemicals has been manufacturing top-performing car care products for 19 years and counting. Wolf’s Chemicals has a humble beginning in Budapest, Hungary, where they started manufacturing car care products for local auto parts stores. The word about this unique line of car care products quickly spread and in virtually no time at all Wolf’s Chemicals became a household name in Hungary.

In 2009, Wolf’s Chemicals embarked on a mission to research, develop and manufacture the ultimate line of professional detailing products. To accomplish such a daunting task, Wolf’s Chemicals joined forces with world-renowned professional detailer, Jesse O’Connor of Apollo Detailing. This partnership turned into what is arguably the most unique line of car care products available.

Teamed with Jesse O’Connor of Apollo Detailing, Wolf’s Chemicals spent what seemed like countless hours of researching, testing and fine-tuning various car care products that would perform among the best of the best at a considerably lower price of entry. Wolf’s Chemicals have been developed by professional detailers for professional detailers. Each and every Wolf’s Chemical, from Deironizer to Hard Body Sealant, promises to provide top-notch performance and ease of use.

Since 2009 Wolf’s Chemicals has established a reputation as one of the premier line of detailing products. We’re proud to offer the complete line of Wolf’s Chemicals to customers in North America and all over the world.

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