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Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.

Don’t remove swirls – fill them in with Carnauba Glaze!

Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze is a light cleaner, polish and glaze that promises to fill in light swirl marks and other imperfections, giving your vehicle the ultimate wet look. Unlike traditional glazes that simply wash off, Wolf’s Chemical Carnauba Glaze contains real carnauba wax bonds to the surface, increasing durability while adding valuable paint protection.

Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze is the gloss-enhancing polish that does it all! Advanced chemistry enables Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze to light polish, clean, fill, and protect painted surfaces. You could say with confidence that Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze replaces the need for 4 separate paint care products!

Glazes are popular with detailers and body shops because of their ability to make paint look wet and flawless. The only draw back to the traditional glazes is that they’re water soluble, which means they wash off as soon as the vehicle gets wet. Wolf’s Chemicals solves that problem with Carnauba Glaze – a swirl-masking glaze that contains real carnauba wax and acrylic polymers.

Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze can be used as a traditional glaze or as an all-in-one. Top Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze with Wolf’s Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax for the ultimate wet look. This easy on, easy off formula lasts months, not weeks!

Apply by hand or machine.

500 ml.

Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.

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