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White/Yellow ShMITT Car Wash Mitt

White/Yellow ShMITT Car Wash Mitt
White/Yellow Wash ShMITT: Wash with the gentle white foam front. This is the same foam found in the Edge white ultrafine polishing pad. The soft, closed-cell foam sheds dirt, rather than retaining it. Dirty water is able to escape from under the mitt thanks to the convoluted wave surface. Since the dirt is not rubbed into the paint, wash-induced swirls are less likely.

Because the ShMITT is made of smooth foam, it will not leave threads or fibers behind on the vehicle. The solid foam mitt maintains its shape through countless uses. The beveled edge allows the ShMITT to clean in crevices and seams easily.

The backside of this ShMITT is made from coarse yellow foam. This foam works well as a spot scrubber to remove insects and tar from your vehicle’s exterior. Use it on lower body panels and problem areas as you wash your vehicle.

ShMITT - Ergonomic designed Wash mitt will fit your hand like a glove!

White/Yellow ShMITT Car Wash Mitt
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White/Yellow ShMITT Car Wash Mitt
3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
4 Stars

Well made but not for me
November 14, 2011
The product is well made and I have no complaints. Microfiber chenille just works so much better for real dirty cars and the Merino wool mitt from CarPro is all. Ever use on my Sky anymore.

2 Stars

Skip this mitt!
March 7, 2011
A big no to the SmMitts (no offense to those who love them). Microber mitts are the way! Tried this mitt a few times and a no go for me.