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Shurhold Moldaway Mold Remover 12 oz.

Shurhold Moldaway Mold Remover 12 oz.

Remove mold, mildew and organic stains from most marine surfaces!

Shurhold Moldaway is a powerful cleaner and stain remover for boats, RVs, and vehicles. It removes the most stubborn organic stains, like mold, blood, food, and algae - a common problem on boats. Shurhold Moldaway is fabric safe and bleach-free.

Shurhold Moldaway is a scientifically formulated, powdered, oxygenated cleaner. Moldaway quickly removes stains caused by:

  • mold
  • mildew
  • algae
  • dirt
  • blood
  • food & drink 

Shurhold Moldaway contains no bleach or chlorine products, so it's safe on all colors as well as most fabrics including:

  • vinyl
  • canvas
  • plastic
  • carpeting
  • interior and exterior cushions
  • sails
  • wood and boating accessories

Mildew growth and algae accumulation are inevitable without regular boat maintenance. Shurhold Moldaway makes regular cleaning easy. Just dissolve Moldaway in water to create a powerful multi-surface cleaner. For the best results, use a soft bristled brush to agitate fabrics treated with Moldaway.

Shurhold Moldaway is a boater’s best friend! Keep a jar on hand for all your fabric, carpeting, and cushion cleaning needs.

12 oz.

Shurhold Moldaway Mold Remover 12 oz.
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Shurhold Moldaway Mold Remover 12 oz.