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Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner 500 ml.

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner 500 ml.
Italy’s take on the color-changing wheel cleaner!

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner is a pH-balanced, color changing wheel cleaner that was designed to clean today’s brake-dust laden sports sedans. Formulated in the same country where Ferraris and Lamborghinis are born, Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner promises to gently remove baked-on brake dust and road grime without damaging delicate finishes. Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner changes color as it cleans, indicating that the chemical cleaners are working hard!

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner is considered a game changer. Not only does this potent wheel cleaner remove caked-on brake dust, dirt, tar, and road grime from the wheels of the world’s most prestigious automobiles, it changes color as it cleans! You’ll be amazed at how brake dust particles literally melt off the finish, leaving your wheels cleaner than they ever have been.

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner, as the name implies, cleans wheels fast! As soon as you spray Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner onto your wheel, advanced detergents immediately begin to loosen brake dust. The color-changing action lets you know that Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner is working hard.

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner will leave your wheels with a sparkling shine. This chemically advanced wheel cleaner removes embedded brake-dust particles that are ignored by conventional wheel cleaners.

500 ml.

Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner 500 ml.
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Rupes Wheel Fast Cleaner 500 ml.
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Chino Hills
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wheel cleaner
October 15, 2014
Great product. Works as advertised, fast and easy. One of the best wheel cleaners I have used thus far. Only down part was the bottle looked like it may have kind of exploded while being shipped and i never got a response back after informing customer service.