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Riccardo Detailing Clay

Riccardo Detailing Clay Riccardo Detailing Clay is now available to U.S. customers!

Riccardo is an American-manufacturer of premium quality auto detailing clay. The story behind Riccardo Detailing Clay is an ironic one. Even though Riccardo has long manufactured detailing clay in the United States, they were forbidden to sell their detailing clay to U.S. customers thanks to the infamous clay patent, which eventually expired in August 2013. Now that the clay patent has expired and is no longer in effect, car care enthusiasts around the U.S. can rejoice and finally purchase the detailing clay they’ve been reading about for years – Riccardo Detailing Clay.

Even without being able to legally purchase or receive shipments of Riccardo Detailing Clay, car care enthusiasts in the United States have long bragged about the exceptional performance of Riccardo Detailing Clay. The fact that people went to such great lengths to get their hands on Riccardo Detailing Clay is a testament to the quality and usability that Riccardo Detailing Clay brings to the table.

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