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R222 Total Auto Wash 1000 ml Refill (Export Only)

R222 Total Auto Wash 1000 ml Refill <font color=blue>(Export Only)</font>

R222 Car Care Products are made by P21S for export only.

P21S Total Auto Wash is German nobility in a spray bottle! This distinctive car wash formula will astound you with superior results.

German car care products reflect the same quality and precision that goes into some of the greatest German car designs in the world, including Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The famed Autobahn freeway has allowed Germans to live life in the fast lane, and we guarantee that many of the best cars ever designed, when riding through the Alps and the cities of Germany, are treated with R222 products.

The hallmark of R222 is R222 Total Auto Wash, a specialized German formula that will thoroughly clean every crevice of your vehicle, from the engine to the exhaust pipe. R222 Total Car Wash is world famous, and is used by car industry professionals on the show circuit. Here are reasons why this car wash is the best:

Perfected Formula. The powerful detergent and clean scented, citrus solvent make a perfect pair. When I first used R222 Total Car Wash, I was amazed with how fast it works to removes dirt and grime. When it comes to washing, you want to have results and a fresh clean aroma, and R222 Total Car Wash delivers both.

Washing Time is Minimal. I’ve scrubbed, you’ve scrubbed…we have all scrubbed the grime and dirt on our cars, sometimes for a lot longer than we want. Gone are the days of scrubbing spots for minutes at a time, as this formula removes dirt and grime with ease. Application and rinsing will take minutes, and you can use R222 Total Car Wash inside your hood to clean your engine as well.

Safe and Effective. There is nothing harsh or abrasive within this formula. The detergent is gentle yet powerful on the surface, and the citrus solvent will lift the toughest of grime with one swipe of your sponge or towel. Citrus has long been used in stain removing formulas, and like some household cleaners. You will smell that fresh, clean scent the moment you open the bottle.

Convenient Spray Bottle. You won’t need to hurt your back constantly bending over to fill your sponge or towel with car wash detergent. Simply spray and wipe!

You will witness a disappearing act as dirt, grime, wax build-up, and diesel soot vanish with one spray of this sensational car care product. We get tons of positive feedback about R222 Total Car Wash, as well as questions from time to time. Here are answers for some of the most common questions we’ve recently received:

Q: Max, can I use R222 on my undercarriage as well as my finish?

A: I highly recommend you do! The premium formula will leave your undercarriage just as clean as your finish. Also use it under the hood to keep your engine looking pristine.

Q: I love ordering car care products from you guys, and I heard this is the best car wash on the market. Can it be used on surfaces other than my vehicle?

A: Great question! I have a great answer to it…Yes! R222 Total Car Wash is versatile and doesn’t take a bucket and various sponges and towels to use. Try this car wash on your boat, motorcycle, ATV, and bikes. Anywhere you see grime, simply spray it away!

1000 ml Refill (33.8 oz.)

Manufactured in Germany.

R222 Total Auto Wash 1000 ml Refill (Export Only)
Item #: R222-13011R
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R222 Total Auto Wash 1000 ml Refill (Export Only)
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars

Can't really say if it's a waterless wash
November 28, 2013
It looks like more like a degreaser. It smells like simple green. I would used it more for undercarriage and rims. It's hard to come off and the towel sticks.