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Poorboy's World Clay Bar

Poorboy's World Clay Bar
Get a silky shine with Poorboy's clay!

Poorboy's World Clay Bar is the safe, simple solution to achieve silky smooth paint. Prior to wax application, Poorboy's World Clay Bar removes embedded contaminants - like rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, overspray, and brake dust - and leaves the paint totally clean. After using Poorboy's World Clay Bar, your vehicle will look and feel as smooth as glass, ready for a coat of wax!

Used just twice a year, Poorboy's World Clay Bar will protect the paint finish from permanent damage caused by airborne pollutants. Every day your vehicle comes into contact with fine dust from industries, railroads, and other vehicles. These particles penetrate the outermost layer of paint, creating a starting point for oxidation and clear coat failure.

These tiny particles are so small, you can't see them but you can feel them. Run your fingertips over the paint. Feel those bumps? That's what Poorboy's World Clay Bar removes. By doing so, Poorboy's World Clay Bar keeps your paint healthy, smooth, and clean. The difference is dramatic!

Poorboy's World Clay Bar gives you results you can see and feel. On clean paint, waxes and paint sealants bond better and deliver a clearer, more reflective shine. Light reflects evenly over the smooth paint. After claying, nothing stands between the paint finish and a coat of Natty's Paste Wax or EX-P Pure Sealant.

Poorboy's World Clay Bar is a flexible, long-lasting, synthetic clay resin. It can be stretched and reshaped countless times. This is a medium grade clay, perfect for twice-yearly usage. Claying is one of the few detailing processes from which the effects last for six months!

This large 8 oz. detailing clay bar can be cut into quarters - it only takes 2 oz. to clay an average vehicle. Reserve the unused clay in its jar to keep the clay moist and supple between uses.

Detailing clay requires a clay lubricant so the clay bar can glide easily over the paint. Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe provides ample lubrication and it cleans up the paint nicely when you use it for a final wipe-down after claying.

Always clay after washing and drying your paint surface. Spray approximately a 2 x 2 sq. ft. section of paint with Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe. Rub the clay lightly back and forth across the wet area until it glides smoothly. You'll feel the clay grabbing at the surface; this is normal. Once it moves without any effort, the paint is clean. Wipe that section dry and continue until you've clayed the entire vehicle. As you're working, reshape the clay frequently to reveal a clean portion.

Next, apply a coat of wax or paint sealant. Poorboy's World Clay Bar leaves the paint completely clean. On this bare canvas, you can really see what your favorite wax can do! It will look and feel better than ever.

Protect your vehicle from our modern world of industrial fallout, brake dust, and rail dust with Poorboy's World Clay Bar. Nothing gets your vehicle cleaner!

8 oz.

Poorboy's World Clay Bar
Item #: PB-CLAY
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Poorboy's World Clay Bar
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Brambleton, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Clay
June 4, 2014
Bought this clay to use with my Porter Cable 7424XP and the Clay Backing Pad. This contained the perfect amount of clay to fill the pad easily. The clay did a great job of removing embedded contaminants from the not-well-cared-for paint. The machine application was fast and easy. Another great product from Poorboys.

5 Stars

Works good, if a little stiff
January 29, 2012
Bought this since it seemed to be better value than the Pinnacle clay. While there doesn't seem to be any other reviews of this on the internet, I bought it anyways since $20 gets you 8 oz of product. Is it better than Pinnacle's clay? Maybe you should send me a bar so I can find out. The clay comes in a jar as pictured. This means that if you want to store the clay, you probably want to put the clay in the jar, then the jar in a zip lock bag. I wouldn't bet on the jar itself being air tight enough to keep moisture in. Performance is good. Using Poorboy's Spray and Wipe diluted 1:1 with water (if you see my review saying 2:1 on the S&W page, that's a typo), the clay never marred or stuck to the surface of my car. The clay doesn't seem to be incredibly aggresive, as larger specks of dirt embedded into the paint never lifted out. The clay did remove all the unseen roughness out of the paint though, leaving it slick as glass, and making me realize I had more scratches and swirls than I thought previously (but not as a result of claying). The larger contaminants were about a millimeter in length, and look to be tar spots or similar. I followed the instructions commonly available on the internet (plenty of lube, spread clay as wide as your fingers, not much additional pressure) I used a 1 oz piece (1/8th of the bar) on the trunk lid, and the clay is hardly dirty. I would recommend anybody using it to do it in a warmer environment, as doing it at 5 C makes it difficult to knead the clay.