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Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 64 oz.

Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 64 oz.
New formula cleans better and also absorbs into the leather faster. The scent has also been revised to provide more of a natural leather fragrance.

Revive, restore and protect leather in one smooth process—with a perfect two-in-one combination--for your convenience.

Sure, we all aspire to keep up with the countless steps to maintain and preserve our car’s glorious factory-new interior—but, honestly, who has the time? As the old adage goes, “time is money,” and most folks don’t have enough of either. The car care pros at Pinnacle are regular folks, too, hence was born the advanced formula that simplifies a total leather care regimen, wrapping the essentials all into one.

Rather than laboring for hours with a wipe on cleaner, then slaving over the conditioning application, we’ve formulated a high-tech emulsion-spray that delivers tough cleaning power, deposits penetrating conditioning oils, and armors the leather with high SPF UV protection. It’s easy, slick, and quick to apply. A single product that does it all means convenience and savings to you. Astoundingly, Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner yields virtually the identical outcome as the traditional two-step process.

Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner removes body oil and restores the soft supple feel of your leather
1. Vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris. Spray Leather Cleaner & Conditioner directly onto a soft microfiber towel.
Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner penetrates deep into the leather
2. Wipe seat clean. Flip towel and buff if necessary.
Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner removes sun tan lotion off leather arm rests
Don't forget to clean leather armrests and center consoles.
Agreed upon by leather care pros world wide, leather requires both cleaning and conditioning to keep it healthy, supple, and luxurious, the way it’s meant to be. Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner supplies all aspects of expert-recommended leather care on one spray--a deep cleaning and thorough conditioning in one simplistic step.

The multi-purpose, VOC compliant formulation has undergone a lengthy process of research and development by the surface care experts at Pinnacle to ensure the only the highest standard of quality for your leather. The result is a blend unlike any other combination leather cleaning/conditioning product on the market. Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is as safe and effective. The water-based emulsion is pH balanced, with a rich blend of natural oils and long-lasting UV protection and the absence of harsh drying solvents or distillates. The gentle cleaners lift away even the toughest stains while the nutritive blend of oils, softeners, and moisturizers feed the fibers with strength-restoring and flexibility-enhancing conditioners.

Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is gourmet fare for your leather. Use it to nourish leather that has become stiff and dry from neglect or overexposure to the sun, to compliment a rigorous multi-step leather care routine, or alone as your regular care program to maintain elasticity and a vibrant, natural luster. Keep it handy little spills, leaks, smudges – Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a lifesaver in situations where a quick cleaning is needed to avoid permanent staining.

The fast drying, easy-to-use formula was designed for quick absorption. After application, the leather has an attractive natural satin luster and a natural inviting leather aroma! Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner performs best when buffed off with a quality, lint free microfiber towel.

Treat all your leather items–not just automotive interiors to this luxury. Bike leathers, home furnishings, handbags, briefcases, and even clothing articles such as leather vests, boots, and belts will all benefit from Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.


  1. Vacuum seats thoroughly.
  2. Test an inconspicuous spot for color-fastness. This is recommended with any leather product.
  3. Mist the seat and massage the cleaner into the leather with a microfiber applicator pad.
  4. Buff away excess with a clean microfiber towel.
  5. Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner absorbs and dries quickly. The driver's seat will dry in a matter of minutes.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification. 64 oz.

Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 64 oz.
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Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 64 oz.
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Rochester, MN
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good All Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner
July 15, 2016
I've been using this for some time on my leather seats and steering wheels. It does a nice job of cleaning and protecting leather surfaces. My son recently cleaned the light colored grey seats in his kiddy/dog hauler and it really did a nice job of cleaning and restoring the leather seats.
Good cleaning of dirty leather
Does not smell the best