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Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer

Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer

Clean and sanitize all vehicle surfaces without chemicals!

The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer provides an environmentally safe way of cleaning virtually all your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces – without using chemicals!  By utilizing high-temperature steam, the Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer cleans and disinfects surfaces without leaving any residue behind.  Even the most neglected surfaces will be effortlessly cleaned with the power of the Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer!

Say goodbye to expensive interior cleaners and say hello to the power of steam!  That’s right – the Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer makes the traditional way of cleaning interiors obsolete.  The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer uses high-temperature steam (up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit!) to annihilate ground-in dirt and grime from virtually all vehicle surfaces, including leather, vinyl and fabric upholstery.

The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer works equally well on exterior surfaces.  You can safely clean wheels, bug splatter, and tar without introducing caustic chemicals to the environment.  With the money you save on multiple cleaners, the Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer will quickly pay for itself. 

Clean all exterior surfaces with the Mytee Firebird Steamer!
Safely cleans paint, wheels, engine bays and more!
Clean all interior surfaces with the Mytee Firebird Steamer!
Safely cleans and disinfects virtually all interior surfaces!

The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer only weighs about ten pounds so you can easily take it with you to any job.  The 1.5 quart tank heats up in only 11 minutes and provides up to 50 minutes of continuous steam! 

The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer includes a host of attachments and accessories so you’ll be well equipped to tackle any job from exterior and interior detailing to household cleaning.  The Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer can even be used to eliminate pesky bed bugs and common household germs found in the kitchen and bathroom.  Thanks to the power of steam, the Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer cleans while disinfecting the surface! 

The Mytee Firebrid Steamer is perfect for mobile detailers!
The Mytee Firebird Vapor Steamer is perfect for mobile detailers. Removal of heavy brake dust, bugs and tar is effortless thanks to the power of steam.

The Firebird includes:

• Funnel
• Measuring cup
• Steam gun with hose
• Accessory adaptor
• Detail nozzle
• Gum scraper tool
• Jet nozzle attachment
• Metal brush
• Small nylon brush
• Large nylon brush
• 2-in-1 steam attachment
• Cotton cover
• 2-in-1 window attachment
• Micro fiber cleaning cloth
• Floor nozzle
• Floor extensions

Technical Specifications:

Model VS1500
Voltage 115v
Power consumption 1500W
Steam pressure 50 PSI
Tank 1.5 Quarts
Steam availability 50 min. per full tank
Heating time Approx 11 min.
Steam flow rate Max. 40g/min.
Emission value 30 dB(A) during use
Dimensions 12" x 15.5" x 9.25" (WxLxH)
Weight 10 lbs.

User tip: Use distilled water to fill the reservoir. Hard water will cause buildup that affects performance.

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Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer
Item #: MYTEE-VS1500
Our Price: $399.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Vapor Steamer Cotton Bonnet – 6 Pack
Vapor Steamer Cotton Bonnet – 6 Pack

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer
4.5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Cumming , Georgia
3 Stars

Not what I expected but its serviceable
November 10, 2014
So I got this to step up my interior detailing skill as well as clean up some door jams on a recent older car purchase. It comes with clear instructions and almost enough accessories to accomplish what I set out to do. It works fine and will steam for about 45-50 minutes as indicated but its not a dry steam so with interior you need to make sure you don't overuse on seats/carpet. It doesn't do much on exterior jobs like wheels/ door jams so dont get your hopes up. I mean it will clean but no better than you could do with Iron X/ or DP Exterior cleaner and a detail brush. Other thing to not as when its peculating and building up steam when you release trigger it will shoot out hot water for a second before stem comes out so you have to mindful of that when doing interior of car. I also tried on bathroom tiles/grout and household cleaning and it did nothing on tile/grout but did ok on sinks and carpet spot treating in house. Overall it wasn't a total waste of money but was hoping it would be better than I could get at Harbor Freight and think I could have got the same quality for much less money. One of those times where made in USA didnt work out for me.....
Made in USA Good for small carpet/upholstery spot cleaning and light household cleaning and disinfection Works good on light window cleaning.
Does nothing on door jams of note nor wheels and other light to medium exterior cleaning tasks.

3 Stars

Good Machine, but Not a Good Long Term Pro Solution
May 28, 2014
I've had this machine for just over year, and have probably 25-30 cars use on it. I've already spent $100+ on replacement parts on it. I can't recommend it for anyone doing Pro work, it just won't last long enough. The entire assembly for hoses, etc. are basically plastic, and the heat ruins them. Mine cracked at the main connection to the hose, and the hose connection broke ($40) too. I had to superglue the machine as it's not a replaceable part. This would be a good hobbyist item, but I'd suggest shelling out a bit more money if you're doing this for a living, get metal parts.
Less expensive (still not cheap). Works well, and an invaluable tool for doing interior work. Good accessories.
Build quality is not good for lots of use, should be considered an occasional use only item. All plastic parts that wear and break quickly.

San Antonio, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 4, 2014
Great little machine. Sooo many uses for this in the house that I haven't even started on my truck! I have ornate furniture legs in living room and always put off cleaning them. With the steamer I can get through it easily. My blinds in kitchen and dining room are a breeze to clean. Steamer is easy to set up, takes only 10 minutes to heat up and has a nice, long cord. Cleans cabinets, bookcases, stoves, microwaves and referigerators. I do carry a bucket as I go as sometimes there is water that escapes at first. No big deal. This steamer is a jewel.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Couldnt imagine cleaning without it.
April 23, 2014
Such a great tool. As a new mobile detailer I was looking for the best bang for the buck steamer. I don't think there's another steamer out there that compares to this company's reputation, quality, or the specifications of this steamer. I am more than pleased with the performance of this product.
This bad boy blows out steam at over 300 degrees! Only takes 10 minutes or less to heat up. Good for around 50 minutes of use after that. Hose is long enough to reach more than one side of a vehicle. Super easy one button push operation.
Just my lazyness I wish there was a place to put all of the extensions.

Brandon G.
5 Stars

Amazing Steamer
May 14, 2013
This steamer is amazing; it only takes 10 minutes to heat and provides 50 minutes of continuous steam! I was on the fence for a while about this then decided to bite the bullet and buy it, and boy am I glad I did!! It tackles the toughest jobs and is overall an incredible product for a mere $350 (compared to other steamers). All in all, BUY IT!

Colin D
5 Stars

Best Steamer for the Value
April 16, 2013
Purchased this because many of my customers have been requesting steam as a service. Overall i'm 99% satisfied with this thing, it blasts away old muck, stains, and cleans are to reach areas with ease. This steamer is a great value vs spending another $400 for the VX5000. Only takes 10 mins to heat up and lasts through the whole car detail, and its compact so easy to move & store for the day.

5 Stars

Steam Rules
March 26, 2013
Got this steamer and have never been more happy. Cleaning baked on brake dust on wheels is a breeze !! This steamer has cut my detailing time down and saved me money and time. If you detail for a living, add this to your arsenal,,YOU wont regret it