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Migliore Naturale Shampoo

Migliore Naturale Shampoo
Wash your vehicle "au naturale."

Migliore Naturale Shampoo is an organic auto shampoo designed to provide excellent lubricity and cleansing ability, while preserving car wax. Migliore Naturale Shampoo gently loosens grime and protects the paint from scratches and swirls caused by grit. For those who cherish a rich, thick car shampoo - you'll love our Naturale Shampoo.

Migliore Naturale Shampoo was formulated by a car detailer to help protect auto finishes while gently removing dirt. There are no harsh chemicals or wax-stripping agents. Auto paint needs all the help it can get to prevent swirls and scratches, even during the wash process. That's why Migliore Naturale Shampoo preserves the existing paint protection and creates an unprecedented barrier of lubrication between the wash tool and the paint.

For the best results, use a clean Sheepskin Wash Mitt with Migliore Naturale Shampoo. Pour the recommended amount of shampoo into a clean bucket and fill with water. Fill a second bucket with clean water. After washing each section of the vehicle, rinse the wash mitt in the clean water before reloading it with soapy water. This two-bucket method provides additional protection against swirls.

Migliore Naturale Shampoo is part of a complete system of luxury car care products developed by a detailer for others with a passion for car care.

16 oz.

Migliore Naturale Shampoo
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Migliore Naturale Shampoo