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Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer

Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer
Sensational shine any time you want it.

Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer is supercharged with natural oils to truly make auto paint pop! Use it any time to reinvigorate your existing Migliore wax and enhance the shine. Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer is expertly formulated to safely clean and shine your vehicle in minutes.

Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer has a variety of uses. Apply it after washing to remove water spots and refresh the wax. Apply Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer for emergency cleanups. It removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, and light dirt. The natural oils provide great lubrication to protect the paint. Plus, Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer can be used as a clay bar lubricant. Mist the paint generously before rubbing a clay bar over it to protect the paint from loosened debris.

Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer should always be wiped with a microfiber towel with a deep nap. The Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 towel is a favorite choice among detailers. These two products are an excellent combination for occasional cleaning between full details.

Refresh the shine of your vehicle with the natural oils in Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer.

16 oz.

Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer
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Migliore Endurance Quick Detailer
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Joe H
5 Stars

Outstanding Product
September 19, 2013
This is a really good quick detailer, I have tried quite a lot of detail sprays this product stands at the top of my list it is a very good lubricant and leaves the paint very nice and glossy

5 Stars

Migliore Detail Spray
January 6, 2012
Well i purchased this detail spray off the two reviews from Steve and HR. I wanted a kick ass detail spray that was "it". Well.... this is it. Sprays on a fine mist and does the job perfectly. I just wish they made this by the gallon!!!!!

5 Stars

Migliore Detailer
October 9, 2011
This product is a FANTASTIC detailing spray. I have used almost every detailing spray every made. I have thousands of dollars of car products in my garage. When I read the first review by steve, I was skeptical but thought I would try it. Migliore Detailing Spray is better than any other detailing spray I have used. I like detailing sprays that has a nice smell, provides a great shine, remove dust and light dirt effectively, and does not "cake up" and "smear" on the surface due to having an over abundance of wax in the product. This product gets straight "A's".

5 Stars

migliore detailer
September 23, 2011
I have used all the brands you can name. From Griot's Garage, Wolfgang, to Meguires. This is the absolute best quick detailer I have ever used. It cleaned tar and road film off my fender behind the rear wheel well with about 3 sprays effortlessly with a microfiber cloth. The smell is like citrus or orange. The shine is like you just waxed the panel and you will not have a doubt that you did not scratch your paint. It is hard to put into words but you just know you are using a first class product with the first few swipes of your towel. I saw there were no reviews on this product and I just couldn't let it go unsaid how fantastic it is.