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Meguiars NXT Generation Cockpit Shine

Meguiars NXT Generation Cockpit Shine
Contains UVA and UVB absorbers!

The interior of your vehicle is vulnerable to all types of damage. Leaving your vehicle parked outside on a sunny day causes vinyl, plastic, and rubber interior surfaces to become extremely hot! The sun bears down on the windshield magnifying the sun’s damaging rays. Airborne pollutants contaminating your vehicle’s interior surfaces is inevitable. Remember your car’s interior is still outside. Protect these interior surfaces with the latest technology – protect them with Meguiar’s NXT Generation Cockpit Shine!

Meguiar’s NXT Generation line of products is based around their Engineered Synthetic Polymers. This technology has yielded stronger protection for all your automotive surfaces. Patented antiozonants protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic from the destructive effects of ozone, and a combination of UVA and UVB absorbers shield these materials from the full spectrum of ultraviolet light. Your interior and exterior trim and molding get advanced protection from all environmental hazards. Your dash, console, trim, and tires will remain shiny and supple years longer with regular protection from Meguiar’s NXT Generation Cockpit Shine.

If your dashboard is left unprotected, it will eventually dry out, crack, and fade. Once this happens, there is little you can do to repair it. The best option is to prevent the damage from the beginning.

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Cockpit Shine creates a deep shine on plastic, vinyl, and rubber. Your interior won’t just look new – it will look better than new! The patented formula will restore the color to most weathered or worn surfaces.

Please note: Do not use this product on tire tread, bicycle seats, pedals, or anywhere that a slick finish is not desirable.

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Cockpit Shine is the latest in interior surface protection. With a deep shine and a maximum concentration of ESP’s, your interior will remain in pristine condition for the life of your vehicle.

24 Fl. Oz.

Please Note: Meguiar’s alternately ships us both Cockpit Shine and Tech Protect. If you receive Tech Protect, please be advised that it is the same product as Cockpit Shine.

Meguiars NXT Generation Cockpit Shine
Item #: G-12924
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Meguiars NXT Generation Cockpit Shine
4 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Marc Franklin
5 Stars

Great For Restoration
August 1, 2010
It works well on Old Dried out chalky interior/exterior/rubber anything plastic or vinyl or rubber it is amazing! Make sure and re wipe everything you soaked or else it beads back up on the surface and leave it greasy. AMAZING STUFF

5 Stars

The Best
July 22, 2008
Long lasting! Couple times a year application. Hard to find in stores.

Garry R
3 Stars

Too shiny
January 14, 2008
It has a nice scent and easy to apply but too shiny for my liking. Buffing will tone it down somewhat.

3 Stars

Too Much
May 31, 2007
This lives up to it's name but for me it was too shiny. I prefer a more matte finish for the interior.

5 Stars

May 9, 2007

Mike T
3 Stars

Is you prefer shine
April 5, 2006
This stuff will leave your interior with one hell of a shine, but it can create a glare. Becareful about how much you use becasue this stuff can get everywhere.