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Meguiars Solo One-Liquid Polish System

Meguiars Solo One-Liquid Polish SystemMeguiars Solo System compounds, polishes, and perfects in just one step!

Meguiar’s Solo One-Liquid Polish System is designed specifically for body shop professionals to address a variety of paint imperfections using just one polish. Use Meguiars Solo Cut & Polish Cream #86 as a compound, swirl remover, and finishing polish using a variety of specially designed pads. The Solo System is designed to eliminate confusion in product choice, eliminate cross-contamination of compounds and polishes, and provide swirl-free final finish results.

Revolving around a single, one-liquid compound and polish, this user-friendly polish is paired with Meguiar's latest technology in wool pads, foam pads and a backing plate - all specifically designed to enhance the performance of the Solo System liquid polish on your rotary buffer. The combination of Cut & Polish Cream #86 and accessories will ease application, save time, and continuously provide revolutionary, swirl-free results.

Meguiars Solo Cut & Polish Cream #86
Meguiars WRWHC7 Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad 7 inch
Meguiars Solo Cut & Polish Cream #86

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Meguiars WRWHC7 Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad 7 inch

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