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Meguiar's Detailing Spray Bottles 6 Pack- Your Choice!

Choose any 6 Spray Bottles from Meguiar's 12 pre-labeled Spray Bottles!

It's your choice! Select any combination of six bottles from the drop-down menus below. There are twelve bottles to choose from, all pre-labeled with popular Meguiar's detailing products.

These high quality bottles are designed to hold all kinds of detailing chemicals, and most are labeled with specific product names to prevent cross-contamination.

All 32 oz. pre-labeled Meguiars Spray Bottles are OSHA compliant, meaning they meet the government's guidelines for occupational safety. The heavy duty bottles are pre-labeled with the names of popular Meguiars products that require dilution. The color-coded and obviously labeled bottles prevent cross-contamination of auto surfaces and detailing tools. If you've ever grabbed engine degreaser thinking it was glass cleaner, you'll appreciate these clearly marked bottles!

Sprayers included!

Meguiar's Detailing Spray Bottles 6 Pack- Your Choice!

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Meguiar's Detailing Spray Bottles 6 Pack- Your Choice!
4 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love these bottles
April 16, 2015
I love these bottles with different colored labels for different products. I also love the dilution marks. Don't tell Meguiar's, but I use some of these bottles for non-Meguiar's products. The sprayers are not the greatest as they require a stretch to reach the trigger. But they have worked ok so far. However, I have a set of higher quality sprayers in waiting for when they give out or I get tired of reaching for the trigger.
Different colored labels for different products Dilution marks

Philadelphia, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very good bottles/Sprayers
February 19, 2015
These are very good bottles, period. All bottles contain dilution measurements, and if they dont that means none is required. I am not sure why some users said that their bottles didnt have dilution marks, they likely bought the generic bottles which indeed are plain white colored with red Meg's letters. Specific bottles are made for their respective products, so they contain all the information right on the bottle.
Very good quality Awesome sprayers that are included, mine were gray color.
None. You really cant beat these bottle for what they offer. You get your moneys worth!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent detailing spray bottles
July 3, 2014
I really like the color differentiation for the different product bottles, the easy to read directions and sprayers. And the sturdiness. I highly recommend.

David / Atomic Detailing
5 Stars

August 21, 2013
These things are awesome! Very helpful especially where you are grabbing for the bottle quick. Another reviewer made a comment about the triggers breaking... Keep in mind, these bottle don't normally come with triggers, AG throws them in when you buy the 6 pack, so they are cheaper trigger sprayers. I would highly recommend buying the grey, chemical resistant ones. They'll last forever!

1 Stars

May 17, 2012
I guess they have changed the bottles since the previous reviews. Bottles have no dilution or quantity marks. Just plain bottles with a Meguiars sticker. Even my cheap home depot $5 6-pack has dilution marks.

Alex RV Care
2 Stars

have to buy new triggers
March 30, 2010
bought 6 or 8 bottles...professional look? Agree!! ...delution marks ,etc.? Agree!! ...performance? DISAGREE!! I had 3 of them broken( trigger fall off) in first couple hours of working , and 2 more by the end of the day..same problem(((((

Superior Shine
5 Stars

October 29, 2009
Marked bottles helps create a professional image for us auto detailers!

John (VR8)
5 Stars

Organization Rules
September 25, 2009
I was an Operations Manager in my previous life and organizing 30+ stores was my job. I know how important it is and I know how it can make a job easier. You'll love seeing these bottles on your shelf or in your tote and knowing that you're on your way to organization heaven!