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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #00 Hi-Tech Wash

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #00 Hi-Tech Wash
Foam away dirt and grime!

When was the last time you pampered your car? Use Meguiar’s #00 Hi-Tech Wash from now on and your answer can always be “the last time she was washed.”

Meguiar’s calls this formula “Mirror Glaze” for a reason: It literally causes the paint to reflect like a mirror while leaving the surface smooth as glass! This is a professional grade shampoo car wash equipped with enough muscle to power off even the most glued-on grime. Safe for all finishes, #00 Hi-Tech Wash boasts a lubricating action that reduces the effects of friction so well; even clear coats and delicate specialty paints are well protected. Which is just one of the reasons professional detailers love this wash.

The foaming bubbles are reminiscent of luxurious bubble baths that have pampered humans for years. A gentle cleansing is guaranteed as the active lubricators loosen dirt and drench the surface in lavish moisture. Refined, mild detergents pull grease and grit safely away from the paint. And water sheets off the slick surface, leaving a glistening canvas of a mirror-smooth finish--ready to bond with any new treatments your surface requires.

You won’t need to wax every time you wash (as long as you’ve been using a quality wax, like Meguiar’s Hi-Tech Paste or Liquid Wax #26). The exclusive formula in Meguiar’s #00 Hi-Tech Wash guarantees the wax finish won’t rinse off with the suds. Your glossy finish is in careful hands with #00 Hi-Tech Wash.

Generous foaming bubbles, moisture-laden lubricators and no harsh detergents are the features that make Meguiar’s #00 Hi-Tech Wash the professional’s choice. Performance, consistency and ease of use will make it your choice. Order your #00 Hi-Tech Wash and pamper your car with every wash hereafter.

16 oz.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #00 Hi-Tech Wash
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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #00 Hi-Tech Wash
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Good stuff
October 18, 2009
A little goes a long way. Does what is says in that it cleans easily and thoroughly without removing the wax, glaze, sealant, whatever you use. I've used it for 10+ years.