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Kurgo Backseat Bridge

Kurgo Backseat Bridge
Give your dog more space in the backseat!

The Kurgo Backseat Bridge gives your dog the comfort of more space on car trips. This unique product literally creates a bridge for pets, so they have more room and no longer risk falling into the gap between the front and rear seats. The Kurgo Backseat Bridge connects quickly and easily to your seats and includes a partition to prevent your pet from jumping into the front seat.

If you’ve ever had to stop short with your dog in the back seat, then you know that all too familiar thump followed by the scurrying of your companion back onto the seat. While we’re sure he’d rather fall off the seat ten times a day than have to stay home by himself, the Kurgo Backseat Bridge is an easy solution that gives him a comfortable place to sit and eliminates that nerve-wracking thump! The fold-down center barrier adds another facet of protection, acting as a wall between the front and back seats.

You may have tried backseat hammocks in the past, but not all dogs are comfortable with the dangling feeling of a suspension hammock. The Kurgo Backseat Bridge attaches to your seats with just a few simple clicks providing a sturdy, solid surface for dogs to stand on. The waterproof polyester fabric is easy to keep clean—even after a day of hiking—and the convenient cup holder and storage pocket in the partition will make you wonder how you’ve gone so long without a Backseat Bridge! You’ll keep your pet happy and safe in the backseat with the Kurgo Backseat Bridge. The

  • Sturdy bridge between seats prevents falls and injuries
  • Rugged, waterproof, easy to clean, 600d Polyester fabric with TPE Backing
  • Reversible Khaki/Black fabric matches any interior
  • Folding partition prevents dogs from damaging center console or jumping into the front seat
  • Convenient cup holder and storage pocket on partition
  • Universal fit—recommended for vehicles with seat edge to seat gap of up to 13”
  • 100 lb. weight limit

16”D x 52”W x 1”H

Kurgo Backseat Bridge
Item #: KG-1137
Our Price: $59.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Kurgo Backseat Bridge