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Eco Touch Metal Polish 128 oz.

Eco Touch Metal Polish 128 oz.
Abrasive-free shine enhancement for all metals!

Eco Touch Metal Polish is a truly unique spray metal polish that enhances the shine without scratching! This plant-based, water-based metal polish contains no abrasives or mineral spirits. Just spray it on to instantly clean and brighten metal wheels, bumpers, grills, and trim.

A metal cleaner doesn’t have to be harsh to do the job. Eco Touch Metal Polish is an all-natural combination of soy-based solvents and plant-based surfactants that safely remove tarnish and brake dust. Keep your chrome wheels sparkling like new! You’ll never have to worry about scratching the finish with Eco Touch Metal Polish.

This formula is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. Eco Touch Metal Polish contains no petroleum distillates, phosphates, or fragrances. Some metal polishes have fragrance to cover up that chemical smell. Since Eco Touch Metal Polish is all natural, there’s no harsh chemical smell to cover up! It’s easy on you, the planet, and your vehicle.

Eco Touch Metal Polish cleans and shines metal.Eco Touch Metal Polish does a fantastic job cleaning and shining engine parts and it makes motorcycle detailing quick and easy.

To polish metal, spray Eco Touch Metal Polish onto desired surface and wipe with a soft, dry Cobra Microfiber Towel. For stubborn tarnish, let the polish sit for two minutes before wiping it off. There is no need to wear gloves.

Eco Touch Metal Polish is the natural way to maintain a clean, clear shine on automotive metals. It’s ultra-safe formula will never scratch or stain metal as it gently lifts brake dust and tarnish to uncover a sparkling shine.

128 oz.

User Tips:
  • For heavily oxidized surfaces, let formula penetrate for at least 2 minutes.
  • For optimal results, buff with a dry towel

Eco Touch Metal Polish 128 oz.
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Eco Touch Metal Polish 128 oz.