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Duragloss Paste Wax (PW) #104

Duragloss Paste Wax (PW)  #104
Polish and protect in one step!

Duragloss Paste Wax contains a blend of waxes, polymers, and mild abrasives that provides a deep gloss and durable protective coating. Duragloss PW can be used on both regular and clear-coated paint with excellent results. It is recommended that a section at a time be polished instead of the entire vehicle. For maximum protection Duragloss PW should be applied twice per year.

If you prefer the look and feel of a paste car wax, use Duragloss Paste Wax to polish and protect your vehicle in one easy step. Duragloss Paste Wax contains small polishing abrasives to smooth and enhance the shine of the paint. A combination of waxes and polymers leaves a glossy shine that protects against the elements for months.

Since Duragloss Paste Wax contains polishing agents, there is no additional prep needed before applying the wax. You can go straight to waxing after washing and drying your vehicle. For anyone with little time, this one-step wax is a great balance of good looks and great durability. Expect 6 months of protection on average.

Apply Duragloss Paste Wax one panel at a time and then buff it off using a clean, soft towel. We recommend using a Cobra Microfiber Towel to make removal easier. Duragloss PW is clear coat safe.

Polish and protect using DUragloss Paste Wax. If offers the convenience of a one-step product and the durable shine of a old-fashioned paste wax.

11 oz.

Duragloss Paste Wax (PW) #104
Item #: DG-104
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Duragloss Paste Wax PW #104