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Dodge Dakota Swirl Removal by Jason at Reflection Detailing

Dodge Dakota Swirl Removal by Jason at Reflection DetailingThis Dodge Dakota was brought to me swirled and scratched.

I started with my Foamaster Foam Gun with Meguiar's Super Soap. The foam gun really makes washing a large vehicle a breeze. Then I used Cobra Guzzler microfiber towels to dry it off. Next, to remove oxidation, swirls, and scratches, I use Meguiar's # 83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish with an orange light cutting pad. Meguiars # 83 is a versatile product that does a great deal of paint correction and finishes off nicely. It's tricky to use but well worth using on an older vehicle. I followed up with Optimum Poli-Seal with a white Lake Country polishing pad. Poli-Seal is another fantastic product to use for final polishing, and sealing. It's really is an all-in-one product. A little Poli-Seal goes a long way and it's the easy product to use. For winter protection, I used Collinite 845 to protect the freshly prepped surface. I use a grey pad and slow speed on the PC 7424 to ensure even coverage. Collinite 845 is a very durable wax that has the durabilty of a sealant. It goes on easy and is easy to remove.

  • Foam gun with Meguiar's Super Soap
  • Simple Green wheel and tires
  • Meguiar's #83 on a Orange pad for the swirls, scratches, and little oxidation
  • Wipe down with Menzerna Top Inspection
  • Optimum Poli-Seal on a White Pad
  • Collinite 845 for winter protection
  • Wheel wheel dressed with Meguiar's Hyper dressing
  • Meguiars Endurance Hot Shine Tire Gel

Truck came out so good, you can see the reflection of snow on the ground!

Reflections Detailing
Jason Doyle

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