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Blue-Job Chrome Polish

Blue-Job Chrome Polish
Remove blue patina from chrome exhaust pipes without scratching the chrome finish!

Chrome is used to plate motorcycle exhaust pipes because it protects well against rust, abrasion, and oil spray. And it looks great when it’s new. However, even the best chrome plating will turn blue under extreme temperatures, which are common in high performance engines and motorcycle exhaust systems. There are products out there that will lessen the blue patina, but they are abrasive and will eventually erode the shiny chrome finish. Before you settle for blue pipes, try Blue-Job Chrome Polish, formulated to remove the blue without scratching the chrome finish.

Removes Exhaust Pipe Blues!Product reviews by major motorcycle magazines have great things to say about Blue-Job. It removes bluing, discoloration, surface rust and burned-on boot and rubber marks without rubbing away the shine. Blue-Job is a powder that forms a thick paste when mixed with water. Dampen a cloth and dip it in the powder. As you rub the pipe, the powder will turn into a paste. Rub as hard as it takes for the blue to disappear. Wipe it off with a clean cloth and your pipes will be as good as new. Blue-Job does take some elbow grease, but the results are well worth it. It cuts through rust, grime, burnt-on scuffs and that blue patina better than anything you’ve tried before.

not only works, it is completely safe for you and the environment. It’s non-toxic, non-irritating, all natural, pH balanced, and does not generate noxious fumes. It contains no acids, petroleum distillates, harsh chemicals, or wax. Nothing in Blue-Job will scratch or eat away the shiny chrome finish.

You can also use Blue-Job on copper, stainless steel, and brass. It delivers excellent results on bumpers, wheels, and grills, too.

Blue-Job comes in a half ounce jar. This doesn’t seem like much, but this patented polish goes a long way. And the small jar travels easily so you can keep it in your saddlebag for quick touch-ups; the contents are not combustible. As Blue-Job says, “Chrome so bright, you gotta wear shades!”

Note: For your convenience, Blue Job is packaged in an oversized jar. The powder fills about 1/3 of the jar so you can dip a damp applicator into the jar without spilling it. Each jar contains one half ounce of polish.

Net Wt. .5 oz. (14 gm)

Blue-Job Chrome Polish
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Blue-Job Chrome Polish
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

does what it sais
September 13, 2014
I used other brands of chrome cleaner / polish to get the blue off my pipes , and to get burnt on pant leg - ooppps off. All other brands failed hard. Read about blue - job, found some at jp cycle and got it. It works !! I am happy. You will be too. My arm is kinda sore from rubbing but well worth it in the end. :)

Ruby Crystal
5 Stars

Excuse me? Bluejob?
February 23, 2011
It took a little rubbing but I got all the boot marks my boyfriend melted on my pipes. Looks new.

Paul from Boston
1 Stars

Totally useless
September 9, 2009
I bought this stuff to remove blueing on my Triumph America TOR pipes. Worked my butt off polishing, even used a power buffer. All to no avail. Got minimal results - hardly noticeable. Very disappointed.

5 Stars

April 23, 2007
Forget about the blue header pipes on motorcycles. Blue job will remove this leaving them like new.

Dwight Michael
5 Stars

Worth every star
March 8, 2007
I'm a skeptic! I don't usually buy overpriced, over hyped "stuff". I was considering replacing the pipes on my 1991 RXRS Conv. because of bluing and worse due to heat. The pipes on the bike are original (16 year old pipes). I could go on and on with a story about how I got the "Blue-Job". However, bottom line Blue-Job is not over-priced or over-hyped. It's worth every penny of the $24.00/oz. Saved my self a few hundred bucks and the pipes look new. All of the blue is gone. I'll continue to purchase Blue-Job and recommend it to everyone that I come in contact with.