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Meguiars Black Streak Remover

Meguiars Black Streak Remover
Erase black streaks from gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces!

Meguiars Black Streak Remover eliminates black streaks from your boat or RV using a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula. Just spray it on and watch as it lifts black streaks from all fiberglass, gelcoat, and metal surfaces.

Black streaks occur as dirt, mildew, leaves, and grime accumulate on top of the boat or RV and then run down the sides. These organic stains make fiberglass look old and weathered, but Meguiars provides an easy solution with Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70.

This easy, spray-on cleaner safely penetrates and breaks up black streaks on gelcoat surfaces to restore a like-new shine. Just spray, allow to penetrate, agitate and rinse. Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70 does the work for you!

As a boat or RV owner, you probably love the outdoors. Meguiars does too. Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70 is nontoxic and biodegradable. It’s a safe and simple way to maintain the appearance of your investment.

A cleaner can’t work if it runs off the surface being cleaned. Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70 is a thick, clinging formula that stays and penetrates to eliminate black streaks better than any general purpose cleaner.

Use Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70 on metal and painted surfaces, too. The safe formula removes soil and wipes clean.

You’ve invested a lot into your boat or RV. Keep fiberglass gelcoat looking its best with Meguiars Black Streak Remover #70.

16 oz. trigger spray

Meguiars Black Streak Remover
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Meguiars Black Streak Remover