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DP Auto Bath Shampoo

DP Auto Bath ShampooRich in lubricants for a safe, sudsy wash!

There are a number of aerosol products out there that will do a nice job of cleaning your bike after a joy ride down Main St., but sometimes you have to do an all-out wash. It’s the only way to get into all the nooks and crannies and get your motorcycle totally clean.

Just fill up a bucket with water and DP Auto Bath Shampoo and you’re ready to give your bike a bath. This rich, foaming wash will lift and carry away dirt and oil while hydrating the painted portions of your motorcycle for a healthy, clean shine.

DP Auto Bath Shampoo contains no soap or detergent. Alkaline cleaners like these can remove protective coatings and dull the finish. Instead, Auto Bath Shampoo contains TUFF SUDS II, an advanced cleaning agent that is suspended in the suds’ walls to scour away tough grime. It will not remove wax or sealant coatings.

In addition, oils in the shampoo act as a lubricant to allow gritty contaminants to slide off the paint in the rinse water without scratching. These same oils “wet” the paint to create a brighter, shinier finish. DP Auto Bath Shampoo has a neutral pH of 7, making it as gentle on your paint as pure water. The ultra-gentle formula is clean-rinsing and easy to use. DP Auto Bath Shampoo will not leave a film on your bike and it helps prevent water spots. Water sheets off the freshly washed paint.

Because the existing protective coat is still in tact, remaining water will bead on the surface of the paint, rather than etching the clear coat. Suddenly, washing your bike as usual will yield uncommonly beautiful results!

With DP Auto Bath Shampoo, you can demand more from your wash!

  1. Rinse all the loose dirt off your bike with a garden hose.
  2. Fill a bucket with one ounce of shampoo per 3-5 gallons of water.
  3. Use a Sheepskin Wash Mitt for a safe, gentle wash. To reach between spokes and pipes, use the EZ Detail Motorcycle Brush.
  4. Rinse often as you wash. Avoid allowing soap to dry on metal portions of your motorcycle.
  5. When you’re done washing and rinsing, use a Cobra Supreme Guzzler to completely dry your motorcycle. Or, use a Metro Air Force Blaster to blow dry your bike in under 5 minutes.

32 oz.

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