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BiminiTopp Marine Cleaner by RaggTopp

BiminiTopp Marine Cleaner by RaggTopp
You have a bimini, we have a cleaner for it. Look no further than RaggTopp BiminiTopp Cleaner to make sure you are looking good riding the water.

Finally, the boating forecast looks great for the weekend, and you can’t wait to get out in the water. If you have a bimini, you obviously care about your boat. Don’t forget to care about your bimini too! HAARTZ Corporation, the leading manufacturer of marine bimini topping, recommends RaggTop BiminiTopp Cleaner, and we have to agree with the best. This cleaner will gently clean your bimini top, and make you proud of your seagoing vessel!

From the makers of RAGGTOPP, the best cleaning system for your car's convertible top, comes the very same quality of care for your expensive bimini tops.

BiminiTopp Cleaner has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by HAARTZ, the world’s leading manufacturer of topping fabric since 1920s. HAARTZ is the designated supplier of convertible topping fabric for virtually every U.S. automaker and most European manufacturers, and is the world’s only manufacturer of both PVC and cloth combined automobile and sport utility topping.

Use BiminiTopp on bimini tops, sail covers, sailboat dodgers, spray hoods and seats. The biodegradable formula safely removes the toughest soils and stains. Embedded mildew quickly disappears. Use with confidence as Bimini Topp will not harm fiberglass, marine finishes, chrome, glass, vinyl, rubber or plastic.
This fine cleaner is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Its unique formulation is non-toxic to aquatic life and mammals.

For Best Results:
1. Rinse and thoroughly wet top.
2. Spray BiminiTopp evenly over entire wet surface.
3. Scrub lightly with a soft nylon brush.
4. For very soiled areas, spray and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, again, scrub lightly with a soft nylon brush.
5. Rinse thoroughly with water until no remaining soap foam is observed.
6. IMPORTANT: Top must be throughly dry before using RaggTopp Fabric Protectant.

16 oz. pump spray bottle

BiminiTopp Marine Cleaner by RaggTopp
Item #: RT-3141
Our Price: $13.99
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BiminiTopp Marine Cleaner by RaggTopp