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Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze

Wolfgang Plastik Lens GlazeRemove scratches and haze from motorcycle windscreens!

Motorcycle windscreens suffer from the same kind of UV damage as the headlight lens: scratches, yellowing, and cloudiness. But you can’t use just any cleaner or polish on it because it’s a more delicate plastic than a headlight. Don’t take chances – use Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze.

This gentle glaze corrects minor scratches and removes the haze that can obstruct your view of the road. Because there are no abrasives, Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze will not scratch the plastic. Its cleaners smooth out and clarify the plastic. The earlier you catch the damage, the more effective the glaze will be.

As step 2 of the headlight lens kit, Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze removes any roughness or haze caused by the abrasive action of the lens cleaner and restores the optical clarity and smoothness. Though you will see an improvement after polishing the lens, you need Lens Glaze to see the complete results of your work. Your headlight lens will show a drastic improvement in cleanliness and optical clarity.

Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze goes on easily by hand or with the help of your electric drill and a 4 inch foam finishing pad. If using a drill, do not apply pressure. The glaze will do the work for you.

Enjoy the view with Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze!

  1. Apply Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze using a 4” gray pad adapted to your cordless or electric drill. If using a cordless drill, work at the highest speed. If using an electric drill, use the lowest setting.
  2. You may also use your circular or dual action polisher adapted to a 4” pad. Set the maximum speed on a dual action polisher at 5000 OPM. Set your circular polisher at no greater than 1500 RPM.
  3. If you do not have a drill or polisher, apply the glaze using a Poly Foam Wax Applicator.
  4. Polish until the glaze starts to dry.
  5. Buff away the residue with a microfiber towel.

Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Glaze 4 oz.
Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Glaze 4 oz.

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Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Glaze 4 oz.

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