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Bouncerís Fortify Wax 100 ml.

Bouncerís Fortify Wax 100 ml.
Winter-tough protection Ė year round!

Bouncerís Fortify Wax is a specially designed ďwinter waxĒ that promises to provide the paint protection necessary to keep your vehicle shining throughout winter. Formulated using a sophisticated blend of Japanese and German-sourced polymers fused with the best Brazilian T1 Carnauba Wax available, Bouncerís Fortify Wax provides protection that can withstand any season. Just like other premium waxes manufactured by the Bouncer, Fortify is crafted entirely by hand in Buckinghamshire UK.

As its name suggests, Bouncerís Fortify Wax will ďfortifyĒ your vehicleís protection in the harsh winter months. The durable, cross-linking polymers resistant heavy detergents and road salt while the T1 Carnauba Wax repels water, dirt, and grime. This dynamic duo of sophisticated ingredients ensures your vehicle stays clean, shiny, and protected all winter long.

Donít put away your jar of Bouncerís Fortify Wax when the snow melts! Fortify Wax continues the trend set forth by Jayís earlier creations Ė crisp reflections and tight water beading. Bouncerís Fortify Wax is the winter wax that you can use year round!

Bouncerís Fortify Wax will make light colors gleam with clarity, and dark colors radiate with energy. Brazilian-sourced T1 Carnauba Wax is the most sought after wax there is and Fortify Wax features plenty of it. Treating your vehicle to a coat (or two!) of Bouncerís Fortify Wax ensures the paint is protected against harmful UV rays, road salt, and airborne contaminants.

Jay, the ďBouncerĒ spent a great amount of time formulating, testing, and tweaking Fortify Wax. Reap the benefits of all his hard work and give your vehicle the Bouncerís treatment!

Bouncer's Fortify Wax is manufactured entirely by hand in the United Kingdom. This wax is available in extremely limited quantities.

100 ml.
Made in the UK

Bouncerís Fortify Wax 100 ml.
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Bouncerís Fortify Wax 100 ml.