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Auto Finesse Auto Finesse is a small company based in the UK that was founded by a group of people that stand true to the belief that your paint can never be too shiny. Established in 1999 as a mobile valet service, Auto Finesse has a humble beginning that quickly transformed into a success story. Driven by the desire to have a better car care product, the team at Auto Finesse created their own unique line of polishes, waxes, and detail sprays that quickly gained a loyal following. Auto Finesse car care products are researched, developed and tested in real-world situations to provide you, the end user, with superb results.

Auto Finesse manufactures a complete line of world-class detailing products ranging from wheel cleaners, citrus-based all purpose cleaners and spray on car waxes. While Auto Finesse offers a complete line of detailing products, their hand-crafted carnauba car waxes are the cornerstone of their line. Carnauba car waxes manufactured by Auto Finesse feature the highest quality natural and man-made ingredients that are backed by stringent quality standards. Rest assured that when you apply a carnauba car wax with the Auto Finesse logo on it, you’re giving your vehicle the best.

Auto Finesse manufactures a complete line of world-class car care products

Auto Finesse car care products have been formulated with quality, usability and overall effectiveness in mind. We’re proud to carry this unique line and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have during our testing.

Not familiar with Auto Finesse’s vast line of detailing products? Here are a couple of their most talked about products:

Auto Finesse carnauba car waxes are very easy to useAuto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish is essentially a supercharged cleaner wax. Consisting of mild abrasives, light cleaners and glossy carnauba wax, Auto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish polishes, cleans and protects with just one product! What’s more, Auto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish has light filling abilities so any defects that aren’t removed will hidden from the naked eye. After Auto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish finishes cleaning and polishing your paint, it lays down a glossy, durable layer of carnauba wax. This protective layer protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays, airborne contaminants, bird droppings, and more. Auto Finesse Tripple All In One Polish is the ideal one-step solution for the gloss-crazed car care enthusiast that wants to take the simple approach to polishing and waxing their car.

Auto Finesse Iron Out is a pH-balanced, acid-free cleaner removes what detailing clay cannot – ferrous (iron containing) particles. These airborne chemical compounds penetrate your vehicle’s paint and slowly eat away at the underlying layers, causing irreversible damage. Auto Finesse Iron Out is designed to safely remove ferrous particles, leaving your paint smooth and contaminant-free. Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover is incredibly easy to use. Simply spray Iron Out directly onto the surface after you wash the vehicle (while it’s still wet), wait 2-3 minutes and rinse off. It’s that easy! What’s more, Iron Out changes color as it interacts with ferrous particles, letting you know that it’s working!

Auto Finesse carnauba car waxes create crisp, clear reflectionsAuto Finesse Citrus Power is a citrus-based all purpose cleaner that was designed to safely remove stubborn bug guts and road film without effecting sensitive wax finishes. This all natural cleaner is comprised of citric solvents that are not harmful to you or the environment. Auto Finesse Citrus Power will quickly become one of your most reached-for car care products thanks to its ease of use and ability to remove stubborn bug guts.

Auto Finesse Soul Car Wax is a hand-made carnauba wax that was designed to strike the perfect balance between longevity, ease-of-use and appearance. Considered a premium entry-level wax, Auto Finesse Soul Car Wax will leave your vehicle with a level of gloss and protection that would normally be associated with a wax costing significantly more. Auto Finesse Soul Car Wax is hand-made in England to the most stringent quality standards. Soul Car Wax is one of the few carnauba waxes where additional layers continue to increase the gloss; apply as many coats as you would like!

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